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An inside look into Home Grown’s new branding by the experts at Underscore.

Our story with Home Grown began in that happy period of early 2020 just before the spectres of COVID-19 and Lockdowns became our daily diet. 

The Home Grown Directors and Marketing team had sufficient foresight to realise that the club needed greater digital connectivity going forwards and a more clear brand proposition that could cement the appeal of this ‘house of the unusual’ and the pioneers and game-changers that make up the membership community.

Quite naturally, we wanted to very much build on the positive equity that already existed at Home Grown and so our investigations and consultations showed how so many members were drawn to Home Grown not just because of its genuinely unrivalled location and decor, but because of the chance, it offers for members and their guests to get better connected. 

Armed with all of this information and some great insights from the investors and entrepreneurs that constitute the existing membership experience we determined that Home Grown is The private members’ club for business as unusual and that became the driving ethos behind our new brand and digital strategy for the club. 

When embarking on that strategic journey we felt it important to celebrate the quirky nature of the venue (and possibly some of the people that make it that way) and evolve that essence into a new brand, website and marketing language that felt like a truly authentic evolution from what had already been created.

To do this, we captured some amazing new photography and interviewed some of our colourful characters that make up the membership. We simplified the core brand assets such as the name and also Cedric the Crocodile – who we redrew to aid brand recognition in a more digital mobile-first world,  obviously maintaining his bowler hat and briefcase but we turned him around to face with pride into the Home Grown brand name and identity.

After this, we gave him a wonderful new colourful world of contrasting circles or dots to inhabit and connect, with each one reflecting all of the polar opposites and extremities of society and commerce that can be found within the unique and growing ecosystem that Home Grown has now created. 

By making Cedric central to this graphic world of diverse and eclectic contrasts, we could then reflect the unique and unrivalled location of the club in central London and also its central role when online in connecting the dots to forge stronger connections between investors, entrepreneurs and commercial curios of every description.

We took all of these findings to create the multi-level website that you can now see at and the response so far has been outstanding from both existing members and new applicants looking for new ways of connecting and driving their business ambitions in the post-pandemic future.

Our work is not yet complete but we hope that so far we have delivered a genuinely connected brand refresh that can make a difference, for a club with a difference, and a membership that celebrates and personifies difference.

Here’s to celebrating all of those differences after May 17th… and hopefully together!

Neil Stanhope, Underscore founder.

circles circles
circles circles
A one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs and investors. What really sets Home Grown apart is their members’ events which provide access to valuable insights and support scaling founders on their growth journey. Richard Farleigh, Entrepreneur and Former BBC Dragon's Den
It’s always a delight to meet, network and entertain amidst the generally relaxed vibes that radiates throughout Home Grown Gladstone Small
Home Grown is immersed with an overflowing energy, unrivalled facilities yet the club has a certain uniqueness. Luke Reed
What a special delight and home from home! I stay here whenever I come to London and their Scale-up events are on the money. John Courtney
We are all crying out for opportunities to bump into other people, to spark ideas off them that make us happier, more fulfilled and more imaginative: Home Grown is a forum for just this creative serendipity. Tas Tasgal
Home Grown is more to me than just my office in London. It’s a community. It’s a place to network with other business people. But most of all it’s got that super friendly and positive vibe that you just can’t wait to get there each time. Neil Thompson