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DLT Powered Digital Signatures for SMEs

dSign by docStribute® is the digital signing solution that gives SMEs the room to grow.

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Talent Strategy: Hire & Scale

Every business owner understands the importance of a strong team. Enhanced  performance, better productivity and a key factor in accomplishing business objectives more effectively. 

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Get a grip of your business with EOS

Get a grip of your business with EOS The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) is a set of simple concepts and practical tools used by more than 130,000 companies around the world to clarify, simplify, and achieve their vision.

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Ignite your brand – 360º Brand Diagnostic

Firestarter fuses creativity with psychology to create brand identities with impact for rebels with a cause, and a burning ambition to scale. Bringing together decades of commercial expertise, branding ingenuity and a deep understanding of human factors, Firestarter crafts powerful brands that work from the inside out to drive growth, build businesses and shape the future.

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Getting Intellectual Property Right

Patent - Trademark - Litigation advice for Entrepreneurs As an entrepreneur, protecting your ideas, product designs, service strategies, name, and logo is essential and understanding the different types of legal protections and tools available for your intellectual property is critical to retain ownership.

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AMQs answered by Barnaby Wynter – ‘Any Marketing Questions’

Barnaby’s AMQs is your opportunity to bring any Marketing or Brand related challenges to an expert in their field. With 35 years under his, larger than it should be, belt there are few topics to which he cannot add value when it comes to building your business.

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Elevate your LinkedIn lead generation with Phase 2 Growth

Elliot Zissman and Phase 2 Growth help businesses build trust with new prospects by starting conversations through LinkedIn and other methods.

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Leadership Coaching with Roger Jones

This one-hour session with Roger Jones is your opportunity to transform your mindset, communication capabilities and how you lead. With over 20 years of experience coaching growth focussed CEOs and senior leaders and a background in clinical organisational psychology, Roger can put your leadership on the fast track to success.

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Wealth Management – LGT Vestra

LGT Vestra is an independent wealth management firm looking after private client wealth for the long term. As an entrepreneurial firm themselves, they understand the dynamic world in which our members thrive.

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Supporting your business accounting needs with haysmacintyre

As an entrepreneur, you are looking for things to be made clear, gain the advice that you need and to plan and solve your problems.

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Scaling up – Neale Lewis

Strengthen your strategy and alignment with Neale Lewis, Certified Scaling Up Coach and Westminster City Council.

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Recruitment and Succession Planning with Portman Scott

People turn ideas into reality; they are the strategy in motion. They are the organisation's most important source of competitive advantage.

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Perfect your profile

10% members’ discount off half or full day branding or website photography & Members’ dedicated monthly morning for headshots.

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No place like Home Grown

Dominic Warman Founder & MD of Huckleberry Recruitment Read his story
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Firestarter Creative

Mickey Wilson Founder of Firestarter Read her success story
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Sustainable Futures

Anthony Finbow CEO at Eagle Genomics Read his story
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Crocodile Lair to a Leading Tech Unicorn

Husayn Kassai, Eamon Jubbawy, and Ruhul Amin CEO, COO & CAS Read their story
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More than just a place to work – Home Grown is a community for business

Elliot Zissman CEO & Founder - Phase 2 Read his story
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Investment for accelerated business growth

Omer Shaikh Principal Partner – RF Capital Partners Read his story
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The Home of Business

Jamie MacDonald-Murray Lisarb Energy & Nalu Homes Read his story
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Realising Business Potential

Bobby Lane Chief Executive Officer - Factorum Read his story
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A one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs and investors. What really sets Home Grown apart is their members’ events which provide access to valuable insights and support scaling founders on their growth journey. Richard Farleigh, Entrepreneur and Former BBC Dragon's Den
It’s always a delight to meet, network and entertain amidst the generally relaxed vibes that radiates throughout Home Grown Gladstone Small
Home Grown is immersed with an overflowing energy, unrivalled facilities yet the club has a certain uniqueness. Luke Reed
What a special delight and home from home! I stay here whenever I come to London and their Scale-up events are on the money. John Courtney
We are all crying out for opportunities to bump into other people, to spark ideas off them that make us happier, more fulfilled and more imaginative: Home Grown is a forum for just this creative serendipity. Tas Tasgal
Home Grown is more to me than just my office in London. It’s a community. It’s a place to network with other business people. But most of all it’s got that super friendly and positive vibe that you just can’t wait to get there each time. Neil Thompson

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