What are the operating hours? 

The club is open 24 hours as we have bedrooms. The bar closes to members at midnight but will remain open within reason to residents staying with us.


How many bedrooms do you have? 

We have 35 bedrooms in four room categories:

Equity, Angel, Venture and Mews. Rooms sizes are between 11sqm for our Equity and up to 30sqm for our Venture rooms. We have rooms which are suitable for wheelchair use.


Is there a restaurant in the club? 

We have a restaurant which serves Modern British Cuisine and is open all day. There is also a Study Café which is more casual and serves lighter food options throughout the day and is a great place to share a bottle of wine and some British charcuterie and cheese in the evenings.


I’m the owner of a start-up company – is this the right club for me?

Possibly – Home Grown is a club for Entrepreneurs, Investors and Business Leaders at different stages of their professional  journey. Our  Membership Committee are continually developing and  curating the community carefully in order to find the right balance and mix. We  have a number of  members’ events which are geared toward focussing on this area of business growth.


Is there a co-working space I can use? 

Home Grown is a members’ club and not a co-working space however  the Study Café has ample power outlets and provides a comfortable space to work  on your laptop and phone throughout the day, there are also private meeting rooms available which attract a room hire fee.

I’m under 35 now and a member of Home House – I want a Home House Collection membership but what happens to my Home Grown rate after I turn 35 and my rate at Home House changes?

You are eligible for the rate available to you on the day your application is made.
The Home House Collection rate has a fixed fee and cannot be changed.


If I am a unicorn member, can I gift my bedroom nights to someone else?

Unfortunately not. That rate is just for you and the Bedroom use / meeting room use under the Unicorn Membership is for member use only.


Are Unicorn Home House Collection memberships available for existing Home House members?

No, the unicorn rate is a special package for use by one member on a single club basis specific to Home Grown only.


My membership is frozen at Home House, can I still apply for membership at Home Grown?

You can apply for a Home House Collection membership at Home Grown once your Home House membership is unfrozen. Or if you do not wish to unfreeze your Home House membership, you will need to apply for one of the other categories of membership at Home Grown.


If I succeed in becoming a Member of Home Grown, do I have to pay to attend members’ events?

Most of the events are complimentary. Some events will be available with a ticket price such as our hosted dinners.