“When things go wrong, accept responsibility, communicate well and sort out the issue”

This week, we’re blazing a trail with an entrepreneur who knows how to turn up the heat in the luxury wellness and CBD arena. Put your hands together for Matt McNeill, a founding member of our prestigious club and a maestro in crafting green business success stories.

Matt is not your average entrepreneur. With a green thumb for luxury wellness brand development and an uncanny knack for online marketing technologies, he has made a name for himself in various industries. From creating the buzz-worthy email marketing platform, Sign-Up.to, to sprouting ventures like eTickets.to, Andzen, and the sensational KLORIS, Matt has built an empire.

With integrity baked into every product, KLORIS has taken the CBD world by storm. Rigorously independently lab tested, their formulations are the gold standard that budding entrepreneurs aspire to.

Get ready to light up your entrepreneurial spirit, as Matt tells us the story behind KLORIS, his advice for fellow entrepreneurs, and the symbiotic relationship between Home Grown and his own  endeavours.

First, we ask hat is the story behind KLORIS, and what inspired him to venture into the CBD business.

The idea for KLORIS came about over dinner with my good friends Kim and Pedram. We had all discovered CBD for different health reasons; as a way to deal with anxiety and insomnia, alleviate menstrual cramps and backache, and everything in between.

This was an ingredient that really worked – and we knew it, but were frustrated at the lack of ethical, reliable and science-backed CBD products that we would be happy to admit we used.

Having spent the previous 14 years building a software business and a digital agency, the idea of creating a physical product brand that directly addressed some key wellness needs really grabbed my attention. One thing led to another and here we are!

But what sets KLORIS apart from other CBD brands?

For me, it’s the combination of efficacy, aesthetics and ethics.

We built KLORIS as a wellness company that has a deep level of expertise in CBD, rather than a CBD brand. Our focus is on purposeful products with functional formulas based on natural ingredients.

Everything we make is to serve a specific customer need. CBD is one of the main compounds we work with but it’s an ingredient and we only add it into a formula where it has a significant beneficial effect for the user.

We take care to create products that work effectively, tread lightly on the planet and are a joy to use.

With Matt’s extensive experience in business and entrepreneurship, what advice would he give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to enter the luxury wellness industry?

Truly understanding and obsessing about the customer experience is crucial in any business but probably doubly so in wellness and luxury! The details matter and getting to really understand your customers, why they come to you and what they value is essential. The best way to do that is to talk to them! That’s why you’ll often find the KLORIS founders in our store and answering customer support questions online and on the phone.

It turns out that Matt is the founder of and been involved in several successful ventures. We ask him what lessons he learned along the way that have shaped hid approach to business and how he has balanced his role as a director and co-founder of KLORIS with his other entrepreneurial pursuits

I’ll never stop learning, that’s something that I absolutely love about business. Probably one of the most important lessons I learned early on is that everyone makes mistakes – if you don’t you’re probably not pushing yourself enough. What really matters and what people remember is how you deal with them. When things go wrong, accept responsibility, communicate well and sort out the issue and (most) people will respect you for it.

As an angel investor, what qualities does Matt look for in start-ups or entrepreneurs before deciding to invest in their ventures? And what are some sectors he finds particularly interesting?

When I’m talking to an entrepreneur as an angel investor, what I’m really looking for is a deep passion about the problem they’re trying to solve (rather than the solution) and whether they have the obsession they need to succeed.

Especially with early-stage businesses, what success looks like is going to be nothing like the original business plan, so the team has to be driven by the problem, not what they think the solution is. I’ve put money into several ventures where I really rated the team but didn’t think the idea was that great, because I was confident they’d work it out. So far those have been some of my best investments!

I’m most interested in ventures that are innovating in the wellness and sustainability sectors, largely because I’m keen to invest where I can have a positive impact.

We ask Matt what future aspirations he has for KLORIS and his other ventures. Are there any exciting developments or upcoming projects that he would care to share with us?

We’ve a range of exciting new products in the works and continuing the international expansion of KLORIS is something I’m very excited about. We just launched our products in the UAE and are adding new European partners all the time.

We ask Matt if there is a quote he lives by

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it;
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”
(Usually attributed to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

As a member of Home Grown Club, could Matt share some of his experiences and interactions with other members? How has being a part of this community contributed to Matt’s personal and professional growth?

Being a member of Home Grown has been incredibly helpful. Having a community of people who you know can relate to your journey and also openly share ideas and expertise with provides invaluable support.

I’ve made some extremely helpful connections and good friends through events at the club – and never fail to learn something new (and useful)!

As a founding member of Home Grown, how has Matt witnessed the development and growth of the club since its inception in 2019, and how has this journey impacted his own entrepreneurial endeavours?

It’s been fantastic to witness how much the club has grown over the last few years – so many interesting members and a fantastic range of events make it a real joy to be part of. It’s always a pleasure to host people who haven’t been to the club before too – everyone always leaves impressed!

Our conversation with Matt has opened our eyes to the remarkable fusion of business and CBD, revealing a potent concoction that leads to unparalleled success. Matt’s entrepreneurial journey has demonstrated the immense possibilities that arise when passion, innovation, and CBD-infused excellence collide.

As we bid farewell , we can’t help but share some exciting news. As we believe that our members deserve nothing but the finest, we want to offer a special treat for all guests staying in our luxurious bedrooms. Prepare to experience the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation as we provide complimentary CBD sleep patches, specially curated to enhance your well-being and ensure a restful night’s sleep.

Join us again next week as we shine the spotlight on another exceptional member of Home Grown Club, unveiling their unique journey and the remarkable impact they have made in their respective fields.

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