The #1 way to sabotage a team, company, or career is to fall into the Leadership Incompetence Trap.


The famous “Peter Principle” says that in a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to their level of incompetence. However, what Peter got wrong is not that they rise to the level of incompetence; they need to get appropriately equipped to manage and lead.

In most every case, people are promoted to a leadership role because they are good at getting things done. Or similarly, they start a business because they are good at a specific role: sales, marketing, technical, etc.

However, once people make it to a leadership position, there’s a whole other set of skills, plus a lot more responsibility, that people need to adapt to – and they hardly ever get the training or support they need, so they struggle.

The likely result is that a one-time high performer starts failing in their new role, loses confidence, and doubts themselves at every turn.

On the other hand, if leaders are given the right tools and guidance, they can avoid these pitfalls and become strategic, influential, and highly effective leaders.

Michael R Anderson‘s book ‘Leadership Mindset 2.0’ shares how you can learn to avoid the Leadership Incompetence Trap by shifting your thinking and actions from tactical to strategic, communicating and empowering your team, and developing the confidence and resilience you need to succeed now and in the long run.


Michael celebrated the launch of his event at Home Grown on 12th January, Thursday with our members and his guests.

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