What will owning your true style look and feel like?

How would you feel to fearlessly own and wear what you love?

To create your own ideal style?


Often embracing what we love and wearing what makes us feel good can inspire those around us.
You embracing your body and style may give another person at any age or size, permission to do the same. While working from home, getting completely dressed everyday, sets the tone for yourself and for your day. It has been scientifically proven that when “changing from one outfit to another, it tells your brain that you’re changing activities and switching into a different mindset for a specific task.” This doesn’t just motivate us to start our day but it impacts our daily productivity.   

So when starting your day, look at your closet and notice what lights you up and let’s add more of that!

Here’s my 3’C’s in building your style confidence 


When building your ideal wardrobe you want to get clarity on your personal style and create a mood board that will give you direction on where you are with your current style and where you would like to take it. Get as clear as possible on the color palette and specific styles you would like to wear. Remember you can’t manifest what you can’t see! 


Once you understand your body shape, dressing for it becomes a lot easier. Get intentional with experimenting with different cuts and shapes. Style is all about self discovery. Brands like Aligne and Sandro have great craftsmanship and designs clothing that’s functional to wear working from home and going into work.


Elevate your image by taking small risks. Play with colour and always add accessories. Fashion should be self-expressive and this is your time to have fun with it. When adding accessories, include a statement piece and keep everything else minimal. For a more relaxed work from home look, try a classic white oversize button down, with a jogger and statement necklace. Colour plays a powerful role in our lives. They impact our moods, inspire our decision making and influence our thinking.

Tip: When on a Zoom call, wearing a splash of color goes a long way. It subconsciously changes the mood and automatically feels more welcoming than wearing a neutral colour.


Beverly Osemwenkhae is a fashion entrepreneur and media style expert, with over 9 years in the fashion industry, Beverly Osemwenkhae have worked in PR for French fashion houses like Lanvin to working in editorial for Cosmopolitan and styling celebrities and public figures for red carpet events.

ProjectBee Wardrobe Consulting is the brainchild of Beverly Osemwenkhae, a full service image and wardrobe consulting company offering styling services to clients in London, Canada, and the United States. Her consultancy offers a range of services to help clients revamp their look and dress confidently. She offers an array of style packages and resources to her clients. Her approach is very collaborative, offering clients the option for coaching calls, 1-1 styling and virtual/voice memo support. Beverly’s new venture is Solely Curated. A London based bespoke personal styling and shopping experience, designed to elevate your style, save you time and deliver the items you love directly to your doorsteps. Book in a 15 minute complimentary style discovery chat at  https://calendly.com/beverly-89/welcome-to-solely-curated



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