Daniel Priestley shares Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs and Founders


Daniel Priestley, Home Grown Ambassador and CEO of Dent Global, was recently awarded   ‘Entrepreneur of The Year’ at this year’s Business Champions Awards.

Daniel shared his take on content creation and marketing for business.

The best ratio of content creation to content promotion is 1:5.
This means for every dollar you spend on creating content, you should be spending $5 on promoting that content.

For every hour you spend creating content, you should be spending 5hours promoting that content.

Most entrepreneurs create great content but don’t promote it enough. My observation is that people who have a small amount of great content and promote it really well perform better than those who constantly produce more but don’t push it out there.

The implication of this: 
– You’d be better off having 6 great episodes of a podcast and really promoting them well instead of producing hundreds of episodes with very little promotion.
– You’d be better off writing a really great blog full of stories, research and data and then promoting it far and wide instead of writing 5 blogs and just posting them once.
– Your content from years ago could probably be freshened up and promoted.
– You’re probably sitting on enough content to double your business already. Go back through your archives and look for your best early work and refresh it.

How to promote your content better: 
– post a version of all content on the big 5 platforms (Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin)
– remember to use the multiple sharing styles on each platform (reels, posts, lives, etc)
– create videos, text, image, and audio versions of each piece of top content and share them across various platforms
– ask others to share it.
– run some ads to it.
– make sure your content has a call to action at the end (eg: “want to implement this idea? start by taking the scorecard”
– repromote your content from a month/a quarter ago.
– email or DM key individuals about your content.
– make sure your content has hashtags to link it to other conversations.
– use a content scheduling tool
– create content with the intention of it being used in multiple places for extended lengths of time.
– test 2-4 versions of the headline for your content to see which gets the best results.

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielpriestley
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/danielpriestley
Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/danielpriestley
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