“I wanted to be around conversations related to business as well as non-business topics and felt that Home Grown is the right place for this”

For International Women’s Day, we spoke with Nuria Manuel, the Founder and CEO of Veriom, a ground-breaking platform specialised in data analysis and predictive analytics for software risks. We had the pleasure to hear about her business, the challenges she faced, what makes a good entrepreneur, and more. Read on for words of wisdom on successful entrepreneurship in today’s AI industry.

Firstly, we ask Nuria to tell us a bit about Veriom and what makes it great.

“At Veriom, we are focused on providing the most comprehensive and accurate software analysis and improvements, from defects to security vulnerabilities to AI inefficiencies and biases, ensuring that software remains safe and reliable no matter how complex it becomes, thus helping businesses reduce operational costs and increase productivity and scalability”.

Our curiosity is certainly piqued and we want to know how exactly she makes the magic happen. “We do this through Audit and Monitor. Audit enables us to detect current software complexities, improvements to software tests, issues driving technical costs, missing requirements and root causes, as well as solutions. Monitor is an enterprise AI platform that proactively monitors your software and product, while providing optimal solutions and highlighting what is going right.”

Despite starting a business in an unpredictable climate due to the pandemic, she goes on to explain, the data showed that businesses needed better software risk management and that motivated her to move forward. “Besides that, we face more challenges with networking and connecting with customers virtually.”

And what of the challenges she faced as a female entrepreneur?

“Initially, I had an assumed bias that people would not buy from me, but with the help of mentors and colleagues I began to create content that was more personable and that people could relate to.” If Veriom’s beginnings sound promising, future prospects shine even brighter: “Veriom has grown by 3X since 2021 and is currently applying for government funding to support the development of its predictive AI”. Nuria anticipates that she will seek investment in 2024 due to the growth of the technology and new features.

It’s commo knowledge that start-ups have struggled to grow and many have closed in the UK from 2021-2022. We know that a lot of people aspire to start their business, but having an idea and running a business are two different things. So what does Manuel think the main traits of successful entrepreneurship are?

“Elements of good entrepreneurship include effective planning and user research, bootstrapping and testing, and keeping up to date with changes in the market. If you have a business idea it is very important to understand your market, your potential buyers and if there are any limitations to launching in a particular area. Plus, while you are researching and planning, you want to assess solutions in-house. Once you have a concept, test, iterate and test again.” Clearly Manuel has given this a lot of thought. “Pivoting quickly may also be necessary in response to changes in the market. To quote the book, The Almanack of Naval Ravikant: ‘The more desire I have for something to work out a certain way, the less likely I am to see the truth’”.

But beyond her incredible business wisdom and undeniable talent, Manuel is still human:

“In the past, I have suffered from burnout and have been actively focused on improving. Methods I have employed to minimise or prevent burnout include task prioritization, spacing out meetings, and trying new activities twice a week or once a month.” In short, as hard as it is to switch off, taking a break can be a lifesaver!

The quote she lives by is one by Alberto Cairo: “Sometimes, it is not you who finds good ideas when you are seeking them. Instead, good ideas find you in the most unexpected circumstances.”

Finally, we ask her: why has she joined Home Grown and how her experience has been so far?

“I joined Home Grown to be a part of a community of individuals going through similar experiences to me and that is even more experienced. I wanted to be around conversations related to business as well as non-business topics and felt that Home Grown is the right place for this. I have really enjoyed my experience with Home Grown from the events that are organised, the welcoming team and the days that I attend to work from there.” We love to hear it!

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