Club Etiquette

Home Grown Members’ Etiquette

Please avoid leaving your items unattended for extended periods of time.
All guests need to check into the club and wait for a member to accompany them into the club.
Members should be seated with guests and guests should leave the premises if the member has as well.
All restaurant and bar tabs need to be settled in full before leaving the club, any pending payments will be taken from the card on file.
Please keep volumes to a minimum where possible during the day.
If you’re unable to attend events you’ve RSVP-ed to, we would appreciate an email or cancelling your ticket on the portal 24 prior.
Please avoid taking off your shoes in the club.
Any verbal and physical abuse towards the team will not be tolerated. Members will be asked to leave.
Please refrain from eating food and drinks meant for private or members’ events you’re not a part of.

Have a question regarding our etiquette policy? Approach us via our chatbot or email us at