Our Members' Priorities

Why Home Grown

Community members

As many entrepreneurs will know, it can get lonely at the top and having an established network comes with a number of benefits, including having people that can help you through pivotal moments and processes. However, the real power of networks is in the multiplier effect, put simply, the more dots that there are on your radar the more the chances are that you have of joining some of those dots together around you.

Funding members

Be it crowdfunding, angel investors, venture capitalists to hedge funds, Home Grown's network of investors are an integral part of our ecosystem. Regular pitching events such as Crocodile Lair run in partnership with SFC Capital, partner events, investor dinners and opportunities to apply for funding are on offer to members looking to grow their business.

High growth members

Looking to scale up your business to take it to the next level; increase your market share, break into new markets, or increase revenue and profits? Scaling up a business brings a multitude of new and unfamilliar considerations and the Home Grown calendar of members' events supports this journey giving you access to industry experts, workshops and opportunities to hear from others that have previously scaled-up their businesses.


Set in a stunning six story Georgian building in the heart of London, Home Grown offers 35 rooms with unrivalled access to the city. Ranging from stylish and bijou to decadent and plush, there’s a mix of sizes and styles to suit all needs. Bedrooms start from £100 per night for members only. The club hosts a variety of spaces to support growth entrepreneurs and investors on their journey to success including innovative business lounges, bars, pitching suites and a stylish restaurant.