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Welcome to Home Grown: Where dreams come true

All superheroes need headquarters.

Those who change the world need a place to discuss, rest and plan their next ideas. To decide on the best for humanity, it seems normal for heroes to meet in the best possible place.

Located in the heart of London, in the splendid Marylebone district, Home Grown acts as a beacon of light on the business world.

Meet Home Grown, the member’s club home to the brightest minds in London’s thriving business community.

About Aesthetic

Entering Home Grown was like entering into an art gallery. By walking through the corridors, you could have the feeling to be in the Tate Modern or The Wallace Collection. The shimmering gold ceilings will make you feel like a monarch walking down the Palace of Versailles. The colourful and sumptuous silk wallpapers take you on a journey to another world, where colours mix into one another, where trees and birds seem to be coming out of the wall. To enter Home Grown Club is to dive into the pages of a fairy tale.

At the crossroads between Alice in Wonderland and The Great Gatsby, the furniture, more than being purely aesthetic, fascinates by its uniqueness and display. A wall where dozens of mirrors reflect the bright minds walking up and down the stairs, as well as the future that lies ahead of us. Whereas the leather sofas, they make sitting feel like a warm embrace… Home Grown acts as an oasis of creativity and joy, where ideas thrive and entrepreneurship flourishes, a place frozen in time in a city in constant movement.

Inside the volcano

Home Grown is first and foremost a hotspot for the greatest minds of our society. Far from being distracting, its interior boosts productivity and creativity. This beautiful and unique place, alike a Japanese volcano, can seem quiet and peaceful from outside, but is filled with hectic and intense minds who are forging the future of the UK and the world.

“What makes Home Grown unusual for me is the opportunity to grow and develop a curated and balanced community, leading a team of professionals and tirelessly creating a great environment to thrive, learn, collaborate whilst having  fun at the same time!’, Joost de Kruiff, General Manager at Home Grown.

This great environment is also a hub where are organised regular dinners and pitching events in partnership with SFC Capital, Entrepreneur’s Collective Fourth Ventures and more. But not only can you meet inspiring entrepreneurs, but you also get to learn from the bests.

Indeed, Home Grown’s calendar of members’ events supports your journey with access to industry experts, workshops and opportunities to hear from successful entrepreneurs.

Walking around Home Grown is like exploring the Pantheon, because you’re always surrounded by inspiring heroes. For instance, Dr. Vikas Shah MBE DL,CEO of Swiscot GroupJanet Coyle CBE, Managing Director Business Growth at London & PartnersDuro Oye, CEO and founder of 20/20 Levels,  Diana Verde Nieto, co-founder of Positive Luxury are just some of the many inspring Home Grown ambassadors. Members also include entrepreneurs such Rhona Morrell, founder of Coco Airlie Consulting Ltd.Anthony Finbow, CEO of Eagle Genomics, or Elliot Zissman, Founder & Director of Phase 2 Growth.

But what exactly can these mentors teach you?

Covering (quite literally) every subject

Having such a diversity of mentor allows Home Grown members to have access to a large variety of topics, such as:

  • Community
  • Finance
  • Leadership
  • Infrastructure
  • Markets
  • Talent & Skills
  • Wellbeing

Through these subjects, Home Grown Member Club’s mission seems clear: The goal is not only to help your business grow, but also yourself. Because building better individuals means building better businesses, and building better businesses helps building a better world. Walking in the steps of giants shows us the way but also the safest path for a company to thrive.

Through a plethora of insightful events, Home Grown acts as an infinite source of knowledge and networking for every entrepreneur out there.

‘Co-operate, support and positively influence all departments, with a maximum focus on our values and ethos as a club, this is the way in which I work and encourage my team to do so as well’. – Bekim Shefketi, Deputy General Manager at Home Grown.

Build a better business, build a better future, build a better you.