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Whilst no one could have predicted the worldwide pandemic, toilet paper shortage, takeaway roast dinners of 2020, 17th May 2021, another milestone in getting the hospitality industry back into full swing,  is now just around the corner. We are eagerly anticipating all of our senses being re-enlightened and being able to dine out again  – and in the comfort of a restaurant, as many well know,  The Great British al fresco dining scene has proved to be rather weather dependent over the last few weeks. 

We speak to Home Grown’s Head Chef, James Allan, about what the months ahead are looking like for diners and his thoughts on hospitality going forward;

“The next few months will be critical for all restaurant’s reopening and trying to get back on their feet.”


Remarks James. A sous chef by the age of 19, James brings a wealth of culinary skills and creativity to Home Grown, having cooked in an array of considerable establishments including Ramsay’s Maze, The Fat Duck, he launched  Restaurant 1701 as the Development Head chef and secured its’ Michelin guide rating and as well as a few television appearances.

“Here at Home Grown, we are hopeful that the excitement for being able to dine out again carries through the year. It is imperative that as chefs, we all do our best to support British food producers and the hospitality industry.”

The fact is that the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed several vulnerabilities in the UK food system, such as insufficient capacity in domestic food production and labour challenges. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s Outlook 2020 has highlighted that food markets will face many more months of uncertainty related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Food prices are expected to remain low, but this will not prevent local, national and international disruptions in food supply chains from impacts on key factors such as transport. 

When lockdown began on March 23 2020, shoppers found empty supermarket shelves; panic buying compounded the impact of households transferring their food purchases from food services (restaurants and take-aways), that had closed, to retail stores. 

The food supply chain responded, with farmers finding new supply opportunities, factories switching capacity to key products, and supermarkets rationing items and increasing home deliveries, especially to those shielding.**It’s lucky that we’ve been able to reopen through spring and early summer so we’ll be able to get our hands on some unbelievable British produce”

We carefully curate Home Grown menu to reflect exactly what the club is about, with a focus on seasonal ingredients sourced from premium independent suppliers, this allows us to buy the best quality produce and also support their growth.

To stay ahead of any ‘pickles’ the pandemic may put us in again, James has just the plan!

With so many people pickle and fermenting their own produce through lockdown it’s a brilliant way of reducing waste and creating interesting and complex ingredients that we will be using on our menus. Preserving fruits and vegetables at their best for use later in the year.”

We can’t wait for things to feel a little more normal again and to welcome our members and friends of the house in for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner & drinks again from the 17th May. We also launch some exciting members’ events series including our Million Pound Menu – Meet the Investor Supper Series within the majestic Portman Room and we are looking forward to kicking off our Jazz Social and Dinners as well as of the 19th May.

James has missed the buzz of a busy service and can’t wait to get back into it and neither can we!

If you’d like to see a sneak peek of our new menu click here.

To make a dining reservation with get in touch here.

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