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Zahara Miriam – Pioneering Success: Navigating Career Transformation & Entrepreneurship in Tech Consultancy

With London Tech Week coming up next week, it’s an apt time to introduce Home Grown member, Zahara Miriam, Founder and Director of Fortress Computing Technology Limited.

Zahara was recently featured in an interview with Lovelace Series: Profiles of Women in Tech, where she discussed her projects…

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6th Jun 24 10:34 am story img

Zahara Miriam – Pioneering Success: Navigating Career Transformation & Entrepreneurship in Tech Consultancy

With London Tech Week coming up next week, it̵

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5th Jun 24 1:20 pm story img

Why ‘manifesting’ the sale of your business works

Why ‘manifesting’ the sale of your business wo

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1st May 24 12:39 pm story img

Exiting your Business with Adrian Sutton

Exiting a business is a complex and nuanced journe

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17th Apr 24 12:12 pm story img

Navigating Sale and Exit Strategy: Salil Pajwani and Sophie Surowiak-Long

In our recent conversation with Salil Pajwani and

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11th Apr 24 10:10 am story img

Home Grown Leads the New Era of Members’ Clubs in London

“𝑯𝒐𝒎𝒆 𝑮𝒓𝒐𝒘𝒏 𝒇

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3rd Apr 24 9:16 am story img

Sanjay Murthy: Ego in Entrepreneurship

“Many entrepreneurs, including myself, can becom

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22nd Mar 24 11:29 am story img

Home Grown on The Luxury Network Magazine

Fresh off the print, Home Grown Club was recently

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8th Mar 24 2:32 pm story img

Janet Coyle on International Women’s Day

“It is no secret that odds are often stacked

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8th Mar 24 1:54 pm story img

International Women’s Day: Some steps forward, but still some back

International Women’s Day 2024 International

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29th Feb 24 3:51 pm story img

Burning Heroes Pitch Competition at Home Grown

Earlier this month, Home Grown Club partnered with

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15th Feb 24 11:39 am story img

Sean Ramsden: From Family Legacy to Global Influence

“𝙄𝙛 𝙮𝙤𝙪’𝙧𝙚 𝙣𝙤

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15th Feb 24 11:37 am story img

Home Grown Club’s feature by Isaac Twidale

Earlier this month, Home Grown Club was featured i

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6th Feb 24 2:56 pm story img

Home Grown Club is featured on the Business Traveller!

Earlier this month, Home Grown Club was featured i

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23rd Jan 24 1:30 pm story img

Welcome to Home Grown: Where dreams come true

Home Grown Club was featured in article by Maddyne

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18th Jan 24 1:27 pm story img

From Adversity to Triumph: Adam Jacobs, Founder of Bloom Procurement Services, Reflects on the Entrepreneurial Journey

“I can’t change what happened 10 minutes a

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3rd Jan 24 5:20 pm story img

20/20’s mission in Supporting Under-Represented Entrepreneurs

What was your main reasoning for launching Levels

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27th Nov 23 12:53 pm story img

The Importance Of Winning Awards For Business

 “These awards aim to spotlight businesses that

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14th Oct 23 11:23 am story img

So what’s next for the AI revolution? We ask Piers Linney…

So what’s next for the AI revolution? Piers Linn

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21st Sep 23 11:52 am story img

Embrace Your Style with Fashion Connoisseur, Beverly Osemwenkhae

What will owning your true style look and feel lik

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11th Sep 23 10:53 am story img

Leading the Way to Thriving: Dr. Catherine Sykes’ Three-Step Guide to Conquering Burnout

In today’s fast-paced and demanding world, b

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7th Sep 23 1:49 pm story img

Bubbles, Baths and Business Brilliance: In Conversation with Soapsmith CEO Samantha Jameson

“Rather than live with the ‘what ifs’, it’

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5th Sep 23 9:26 am story img

Unlocking Leadership Excellence: In Conversation with Roger Jones

“Leaders who show authenticity, admit mistak

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29th Aug 23 2:01 pm story img

Pioneering Sustainability with Co-Founder and CMO of SKOOT Mark Stringer

“Sustainability isn’t just an environmenta

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16th Aug 23 11:22 am story img

Maximising Your Website’s Reach with International SEO Techniques

Businesses can reach a global audience through the

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16th Aug 23 11:18 am story img

Meet the entrepreneur membership club doing things differently

With sustainable practices built into its model, H

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31st Jul 23 2:28 pm story img

Revolutionising GPS technology with Julian Thomas

“Embracing simplicity has proven to be an effect

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31st Jul 23 12:58 pm story img

The Home House Collection Attains Positive Luxury Certification

Home Grown, a London members’ club entirely desi

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20th Jul 23 3:37 pm story img

Innovating the Energy Landscape with Jamie MacDonald-Murray, Chairman of Lisarb

“Changing people’s lifestyles won’t

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30th Jun 23 11:00 am story img

From Seeds to Success with Matt McNeill, CEO of Kloris

“When things go wrong, accept responsibility

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21st Jun 23 1:00 pm story img

A TFN interview with Home Grown General Manager Joost de Kruiff

Imagine a scene where tech entrepreneurs come toge

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21st Jun 23 11:11 am story img

Digilog Fraud Supper Club launches at Home Grown

The Digilog Fraud Supper Club held its inaugural m

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20th Jun 23 9:47 am story img

Unveiling the Future of Content Creation with Jamal Hassim, CEO of Bolt Global

“Trust yourself and don’t let the naysayer

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14th Jun 23 2:05 pm story img

Manchester Rocks to the Beat of Home Grown Club’s Rockstar Series

What sets Home Grown apart from other business mem

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6th Jun 23 1:35 pm story img

Connecting the dots with David Goldstone, Founder and CEO of VOCASO

“Growth companies tend to need three things: wis

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31st May 23 2:16 pm story img

Why embracing f*ck-ups is the cultural shift we needed for entrepreneurial resilience

Serial entrepreneur, investor Stephen Sacks shares

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19th May 23 11:59 am story img

An Angel’s Perspective: In Conversation with Sajiv Dhawan

“Money alone is not going to help your busin

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26th Apr 23 2:28 pm story img

Investing in the Future with Cassandra Harris, Founder and CEO of Litestream Ventures

  “We should be encouraging both men an

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24th Apr 23 2:31 pm story img

Shepreneurs of Home Grown: Celebrating Women in Business

Home Grown celebrates women in business all year r

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11th Apr 23 3:07 pm story img

100 Flavours of Friendship – Our interview with Tasty Mates Co-Founder Joe Woolf

  “If you haven’t got a co-founder, it wo

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6th Apr 23 10:36 am story img

Charlie Mullins, Founder of Pimlico Plumbers: A rags to riches story

  Charlie Mullins, Founder of Pimlico Plumber

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31st Mar 23 4:03 pm story img

R3People CEO Paul Manivannan on Fuelling Talent and London’s Relentless Energy  

  ‘I love coming here because you can do bu

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20th Mar 23 4:46 pm story img

Capital Étoile: Investing in Women

  “There are some stellar examples of women

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8th Mar 23 11:20 am story img

Leading the Charge with Veriom

  “I wanted to be around conversations

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6th Mar 23 3:47 pm story img

Alison Cooper, CEO & Founder of Alicia J Diamonds: A Carbs to Carats Story

“Women have the power to do anything that they w

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3rd Mar 23 5:35 pm story img

Cracking the code to success with Yasmin Topia, CEO and co-founder of Sociate AI

  “My advice to women looking to succeed in

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15th Feb 23 1:48 pm story img

Turning Diamonds into Business Gold

  This week, Home Grown is steeped in romance

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11th Feb 23 12:13 pm story img

The perfect recipe to running a successful business as a couple

Love for business is always in the air at Home Gro

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30th Jan 23 3:33 pm story img

Game-changing advice on how to start the year strong

“The common thread was the importance of culture

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30th Jan 23 2:55 pm story img

You might have sabotaged your team without knowing it…

The #1 way to sabotage a team, company, or career

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19th Jan 23 2:33 pm story img

Successful Networking with Marc Cox

“I learned about Home Grown from Jaime Morgan Hi

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12th Jan 23 2:13 pm story img

Member’s Spotlight: Kira Mahal

“I love popping into a Home Grown event when

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4th Jan 23 2:31 pm story img

Member Spotlight: Erin White, VP Sales Performance EMEA

“I have already made great friends through m

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23rd Dec 22 1:29 pm story img

12 Days Of Scaling Up with Nicola Wilkes

Nicola Wilkes, Founder of Seriously Stylish Busine

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20th Dec 22 3:06 pm story img

The winning formula for building a business: Entrepreneur of the Year, Piers Linney tells all

This month in Home Grown’s Flagship event, The R

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19th Dec 22 12:53 pm story img

12 Days Of Scaling Up with Elliot Zissman

Founder of Phase2, Elliot Zissman shares with us h

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4th Nov 22 3:03 pm story img

How tech entrepreneur, Tomas Halgas built and sold his company to Twitter in just 6 years

  How tech entrepreneur, Tomas Halgas built a

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4th Oct 22 11:03 am story img

Member Spotlight: Daniel Glazer

      Home Grown member Daniel Glaz

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26th Sep 22 2:23 pm story img

SFC Capital Joins us at Home Grown to discuss: Saving British Start-ups – Fix EIS and SEIS

  Britain’s seed funding market is at risk

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13th Sep 22 9:57 am story img

Member Spotlight: Michael Blakeley

“But really, for us, it’s about bringi

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12th Sep 22 10:57 am story img

How Howden Insurance became the UK’s largest insurance provider with just one simple mantra

“There are millions of other insurance brokers i

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14th Jun 22 1:06 pm story img

The Storytelling Workbook

On Monday, 13th June 2022, Anthony Tasgal, our Hom

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26th May 22 2:46 pm story img

Technology & Innovation in Hospitality Panel Discussion

In partnership with the Hospitality Titans, on 25t

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9th May 22 1:29 pm story img

The fundamentals of non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

On 14th March at Home Grown, Alan Vey, co-founder

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7th Apr 22 1:30 pm story img

Daniel Priestley shares Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs and Founders

Daniel Priestley, Home Grown Ambassador and CEO of

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1st Apr 22 3:33 pm story img

Creating a Product & Getting into Retail Stores with Duro Oye

  Duro Oye, Chief Executive of 20/20 and a Ho

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28th Mar 22 10:01 am story img

Why Home Grown Is The Place To Be For Business Leaders

Home Grown is not your usual exclusive membersR

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18th Mar 22 1:30 pm story img

Why Your Business Needs An Operating System

Being an Entrepreneur can be highly rewarding but

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11th Mar 22 8:36 pm story img

Member Spotlight with Priya Guha

Priya is a Venture Partner at Merian Ventures, a S

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3rd Mar 22 2:42 pm story img

International Women’s Day Spotlight: Home Grown Female Members

It’s International Women’s Day on the 8th of M

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11th Feb 22 8:11 am story img

Tips for Scaling Up Your Business From Top Entrepreneurs and Investors

You have a business and you’re ready to scale, c

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3rd Dec 21 3:07 pm story img

Why Great Salespeople Are Great Storytellers?

and the 9 (+1) stories you must tell I can remembe

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25th Nov 21 3:19 pm story img

10 Must-Read Books For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

So, you’ve decided that you want a change of pac

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19th Nov 21 4:39 pm story img

The 8 Best Indicators of Future Startup Success

Despite the fact that 90% of all startups fail in

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15th Nov 21 4:16 pm story img

What is the dark side of being an entrepreneur?

You may feel that the life of an entrepreneur is f

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29th Oct 21 4:04 pm story img

How to be a Successful Entrepreneur?

Different factors determine a successful business,

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15th Oct 21 3:05 pm story img

Leading Means Engaging

Do your teams have a voice or a vote? Decision Mak

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24th Sep 21 12:50 pm story img

The Journey to Scale

Mission-driven businesses This event during London

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17th Sep 21 11:15 am story img

London Tech Week at Home Grown

London Tech Week is back for its 2021 run! From 20

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3rd Sep 21 3:29 pm story img

Scale Up Effectively

It was Andy Grove at Intel who said that, “More

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23rd Aug 21 1:34 pm story img

How to offset the negative effects of a desk job

        If you are regularly s

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20th Aug 21 12:20 pm story img

How to get more out of your ambitions

Event Key Takeaways Nicolai Tillisch is a co-found

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12th Aug 21 9:25 am story img

20/20 Change Lunch and Learn Series

‘Fashionably Entrepreneurial’ with Sean Azeez-

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6th Aug 21 3:04 pm story img

WealthiHer Breakfast Series – She Means Business: Cultivating a More Gender Inclusive Workplace

What does modern employment looks like and how you

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6th Aug 21 2:00 pm story img

A Taste of Summer

We’re delighted to announce that our newly l

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30th Jul 21 12:35 pm story img

Disruptive Brands in partnership with Victoria The App

An exciting lineup of Forbes 30 under 30 honorarie

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27th Jul 21 1:36 pm story img

Property Club Series: The London Collective

The London Collective was launched right here at H

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23rd Jul 21 2:03 pm story img

Female Force in Tech – Cecilia Harvey

‘There’s more to Cecilia Harvey than just bein

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16th Jul 21 1:14 pm story img

What does 29,565 days and the new face of retail have in common?

As humans, on average, we have around 29,565 days

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9th Jul 21 3:31 pm story img

British summertime is here

Given that international travel remains challengin

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2nd Jul 21 10:27 am story img

What happens when a moment becomes a movement?

When the image of someone merely choosing the most

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25th Jun 21 12:07 pm story img

WealthiHer Breakfast – The Journey of Entrepreneurship

As entrepreneurs, what lessons can we take from th

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17th Jun 21 2:35 pm story img

Mental Health @ Work (Work & Play) with Marc Preston (Le Network)

How can we manage our mental health both at work a

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11th Jun 21 3:18 pm story img

Question for you… Should you read Business Books By Barnaby Wynter

A recent client told me that one of the key reason

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3rd Jun 21 7:11 pm story img

The Fundamentals behind Storytelling by Nigel Levy

In last week’s Lunch & Learn session wit

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28th May 21 12:19 pm story img

A moment to reflect…

Our opening week feels like a blur. It’s been a

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21st May 21 10:22 am story img

Why Meditate?

Joanna Voudouris, Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork

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21st May 21 7:04 am story img

Navigating your business out of Covid

What shouldn’t you miss when sat in front of a p

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14th May 21 12:21 pm story img

How to structure a pitch deck that gets the attention of investors

You have a great business idea and you’re re

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7th May 21 4:17 pm story img

Green Shoots update…

How to nail a term sheet negotiation?   After all

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7th May 21 4:09 pm story img

Great Friends, Good Food, Brighter Times

Whilst no one could have predicted the worldwide p

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