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The Storytelling Workbook

On Monday, 13th June 2022, Anthony Tasgal, our Home Grown Ambassador launched his book in Home Grown.

The art of storytelling, helps businesses and people build on their current communication and ideation strategies.

Here’s a little snippet of the first few minutes of Tas’ discussion..

In terms of today’s. I mean, if you’re talking to a younger audience, how would you persuade them that storytelling is actually an effective and useful tool?

Tas: I think it’s one of those strange things. But often you see people who…

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14th Jun 22 1:06 pm story img

The Storytelling Workbook

On Monday, 13th June 2022, Anthony Tasgal, our Hom

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26th May 22 2:46 pm story img

Technology & Innovation in Hospitality Panel Discussion

In partnership with the Hospitality Titans, on 25t

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9th May 22 1:29 pm story img

The fundamentals of non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

On 14th March at Home Grown, Alan Vey, co-founder

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7th Apr 22 1:30 pm story img

Daniel Priestley shares Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs and Founders

Daniel Priestley, Home Grown Ambassador and CEO of

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1st Apr 22 3:33 pm story img

Creating a Product & Getting into Retail Stores with Duro Oye

  Duro Oye, Chief Executive of 20/20 and a Ho

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28th Mar 22 10:01 am story img

Why Home Grown Is The Place To Be For Business Leaders

Home Grown is not your usual exclusive membersR

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18th Mar 22 1:30 pm story img

Why Your Business Needs An Operating System

Being an Entrepreneur can be highly rewarding but

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11th Mar 22 8:36 pm story img

Member Spotlight with Priya Guha

Priya is a Venture Partner at Merian Ventures, a S

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3rd Mar 22 2:42 pm story img

International Women’s Day Spotlight: Home Grown Female Members

It’s International Women’s Day on the 8th of M

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11th Feb 22 8:11 am story img

Tips for Scaling Up Your Business From Top Entrepreneurs and Investors

You have a business and you’re ready to scale, c

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11th Feb 22 7:58 am story img

How to become an entrepreneur with no money or experience?

Many people think that entrepreneurship is the ans

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4th Feb 22 7:39 pm story img

The importance of embracing experiments as a founder

In Matthew Cushen’s latest blog, he explores

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21st Jan 22 6:34 pm story img

Introducing our newest feature – The Terrace Work Pod!

Sometimes you just need a little space… so we’

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10th Dec 21 5:23 pm story img

Insights from Humble Crumbles

There are seven essential considerations that an e

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10th Dec 21 4:02 pm story img

Why intellectual property matters for startups?

Ian Tollett of intellectual property specialist Wi

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3rd Dec 21 3:07 pm story img

Why Great Salespeople Are Great Storytellers?

and the 9 (+1) stories you must tell I can remembe

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25th Nov 21 3:19 pm story img

10 Must-Read Books For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

So, you’ve decided that you want a change of pac

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19th Nov 21 4:39 pm story img

The 8 Best Indicators of Future Startup Success

Despite the fact that 90% of all startups fail in

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15th Nov 21 4:16 pm story img

What is the dark side of being an entrepreneur?

You may feel that the life of an entrepreneur is f

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29th Oct 21 4:04 pm story img

How to be a Successful Entrepreneur?

Different factors determine a successful business,

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15th Oct 21 3:05 pm story img

Leading Means Engaging

Do your teams have a voice or a vote? Decision Mak

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24th Sep 21 12:50 pm story img

The Journey to Scale

Mission-driven businesses This event during London

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17th Sep 21 11:15 am story img

London Tech Week at Home Grown

London Tech Week is back for its 2021 run! From 20

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3rd Sep 21 3:29 pm story img

Scale Up Effectively

It was Andy Grove at Intel who said that, “More

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23rd Aug 21 1:34 pm story img

How to offset the negative effects of a desk job

        If you are regularly s

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20th Aug 21 12:20 pm story img

How to get more out of your ambitions

Event Key Takeaways Nicolai Tillisch is a co-found

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12th Aug 21 9:25 am story img

20/20 Change Lunch and Learn Series

‘Fashionably Entrepreneurial’ with Sean Azeez-

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6th Aug 21 3:04 pm story img

WealthiHer Breakfast Series – She Means Business: Cultivating a More Gender Inclusive Workplace

What does modern employment looks like and how you

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6th Aug 21 2:00 pm story img

A Taste of Summer

We’re delighted to announce that our newly l

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30th Jul 21 12:35 pm story img

Disruptive Brands in partnership with Victoria The App

An exciting lineup of Forbes 30 under 30 honorarie

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27th Jul 21 1:36 pm story img

Property Club Series: The London Collective

The London Collective was launched right here at H

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23rd Jul 21 2:03 pm story img

Female Force in Tech – Cecilia Harvey

‘There’s more to Cecilia Harvey than just bein

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16th Jul 21 1:14 pm story img

What does 29,565 days and the new face of retail have in common?

As humans, on average, we have around 29,565 days

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9th Jul 21 3:31 pm story img

British summertime is here

Given that international travel remains challengin

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2nd Jul 21 10:27 am story img

What happens when a moment becomes a movement?

When the image of someone merely choosing the most

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25th Jun 21 12:07 pm story img

WealthiHer Breakfast – The Journey of Entrepreneurship

As entrepreneurs, what lessons can we take from th

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17th Jun 21 2:35 pm story img

Mental Health @ Work (Work & Play) with Marc Preston (Le Network)

How can we manage our mental health both at work a

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11th Jun 21 3:18 pm story img

Question for you… Should you read Business Books By Barnaby Wynter

A recent client told me that one of the key reason

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3rd Jun 21 7:11 pm story img

The Fundamentals behind Storytelling by Nigel Levy

In last week’s Lunch & Learn session wit

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28th May 21 12:19 pm story img

A moment to reflect…

Our opening week feels like a blur. It’s been a

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21st May 21 10:22 am story img

Why Meditate?

Joanna Voudouris, Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork

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21st May 21 7:04 am story img

Navigating your business out of Covid

What shouldn’t you miss when sat in front of a p

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14th May 21 12:21 pm story img

How to structure a pitch deck that gets the attention of investors

You have a great business idea and you’re re

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7th May 21 4:17 pm story img

Green Shoots update…

How to nail a term sheet negotiation?   After all

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7th May 21 4:09 pm story img

Great Friends, Good Food, Brighter Times

Whilst no one could have predicted the worldwide p

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30th Apr 21 7:33 am story img

How to incorporate sustainable investment in your portfolio

3 Key Takeaways Sustainable Investing – WealthiH

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20th Apr 21 12:48 pm story img

How to create connectivity between your brand and your business

An inside look into Home Grown’s new brandin

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16th Apr 21 3:12 pm story img

BGF Invest £14 Million in Tech-Led Procurement Business Bloom

Growth capital investor BGF has invested £14 mill

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8th Apr 21 1:23 pm story img

How to pivot, change and create new opportunities

Mark Beaumont spent 15 years taking on expeditions

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1st Apr 21 8:24 am story img

Success Through Sustainability

5 minutes with Ben Arbib, Founder of Nurture Brand

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26th Mar 21 12:59 pm story img

How to write an email that anyone will answer?

If you could write a long-shot email to anybody, k

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19th Mar 21 9:10 am story img

How Sustainable Practices & Innovation Drive Long Term Success in partnership with Positive Luxury

Sustainable Strategies Should Lead to Improved Fin

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3rd Mar 21 5:25 pm story img



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1st Jan 21 3:29 pm story img


If you’re a busy entrepreneur or executive, it c

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16th Dec 20 3:05 pm story img


Ben Branson was out for dinner and wanted a non-al

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16th Dec 20 1:30 pm story img


Finding investment can be difficult at the best of

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14th Dec 20 3:04 pm story img


Recently, Home Grown Club was proud to welcome awa

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13th Dec 20 2:41 pm story img

Meet the Next Generation of Female Founders

Home Grown is delighted to announce a new partners

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12th Dec 20 2:51 pm story img


Hosted by Barry Holmes, founder of Zoom Creates a

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11th Dec 20 3:02 pm story img


Home Grown was thrilled to welcome Alan Barratt, c

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10th Dec 20 3:27 pm story img


For more than 40 years, Kelly Hoppen has been a le

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10th Dec 20 10:43 am story img

The new world of work

As we are considering returning to the office afte

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6th Dec 20 2:49 pm story img


The first of our new event series with the Guild o

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26th Nov 20 3:38 pm story img


Communication expert and advisor to celebrities, 

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26th Nov 20 3:37 pm story img

Is Home Grown right for you?

Are you looking to grow your business?  Have you

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26th Nov 20 3:32 pm story img

Marketing: our podcast picks

We love a great podcast here at Home Grown for bei

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26th Nov 20 3:30 pm story img

Simon Woodroffe says risks are worth taking

1. Throw away the marketing budget Before any mark

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26th Nov 20 3:27 pm story img

Our cocktail of the moment

Inspired by Italy Our cocktail of the moment is a

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26th Nov 20 3:23 pm story img

A roundup from Dame Til Wykes, Professor of Clinical Psychology and Rehabilitation at King’s College

It’s estimated that over one billion people glob

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26th Nov 20 3:22 pm story img


How did Noble Isle come to be? When I created Nobl

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26th Nov 20 3:19 pm story img


Our 35 comfortable bedrooms span the top few floor

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26th Nov 20 3:18 pm story img

Did you know that entrepreneurs tend to be happier and healthier than people in other occupations, even though their job is stressful?

Entrepreneurs have to grapple with uncertainty and

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26th Nov 20 3:14 pm story img


Politicians can learn that being honest and transp

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26th Nov 20 3:13 pm story img



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26th Nov 20 3:11 pm story img


Recorded live at a Home Grown Rock Star talk, list

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26th Nov 20 3:09 pm story img


Anyone can be an entrepreneur says Julie Devonshir

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26th Nov 20 2:55 pm story img


Farah Naz As we celebrate International Women’s

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26th Nov 20 2:37 pm story img


The Four Principles of the Future Workplace: Flexi

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26th Nov 20 2:35 pm story img


CityAM, 22 August 2020 While shops and restaurants

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26th Nov 20 2:05 pm story img


Through my work with Women for Women International

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26th Nov 20 1:59 pm story img


Eagle Genomics, a pioneer in applying network scie

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26th Nov 20 1:57 pm story img


Finding investment can be difficult at the best of

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26th Nov 20 1:51 pm story img

7 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Keep in Mind as We Enter the Second Lockdown

Home Grown ambassador and entrepreneur Daniel Prie

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26th Nov 20 1:47 pm story img


We speak to Helen Brocklebank, Chief Executive of

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19th Nov 20 8:21 am story img

Thriving Through Covid19

WLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscin

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18th Nov 20 12:01 pm story img

Speak Up Be Heard

Communication expert and advisor to celebrities, 

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1st Nov 20 8:04 pm story img

The next era of enterprise

Hosted by Barry Holmes, founder of Zoom Creates an

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