“Leaders who show authenticity, admit mistakes and seek feedback create an environment of trust”

In the dynamic world of business, leadership isn’t just a role; it’s an art, a science and a relentless pursuit of excellence. In a candid interview, we sat down with Roger Jones, the mastermind behind the Recognized Authority Formula. During our conversation, Roger shared insights into his remarkable journey, his two-decade-long career as a CEO coach and the pivotal role of an “unstoppable mindset” in leadership. He also spilled the beans on how clinical organisational psychology principles can be leveraged to help leaders overcome challenges. Did you know? Roger offers an exclusive members’ benefit—a chance to book a one-hour leadership session with the man himself. And Wednesday, 13th September, at 6 pm, join us for a very special edition of Meet the Members, where you’ll discover more about our members’ benefits, worth up to 5k. 

Read on for an exclusive peek into Roger’s extraordinary journey.

We asked Roger to tell us a bit about his journey and how he came to focus on CEO coaching.

My journey began in diverse sectors, from energy to technology, where I observed the pivotal role of leadership. Recognising the challenges CEOs face, I pursued advanced degrees in clinical organisational psychology and an MBA. This foundation, combined with my corporate experience, naturally led me to specialise in CEO coaching, aiming to elevate their performance and impact.  Working with CEOs is extremely rewarding and the benefits to their business are immense.

What about a memorable success story from Roger’s coaching experience?

One standout moment was with a CEO and their top team of a $20M growth-focused business. Initially struggling with team alignment and strategy execution, our sessions transformed their leadership approach. The company not only achieved profit targets but also fostered a culture of collaboration and innovation, showcasing the profound impact of effective leadership.

Roger’s coaching sessions offer the opportunity to develop an “unstoppable mindset”. We ask Roger what’s that all about.

An “unstoppable mindset” is about harnessing resilience, clarity, and purpose. It empowers leaders to navigate challenges, stay aligned with their vision and inspire their teams. This mindset is pivotal in driving consistent growth, making informed decisions and achieving long-term goals, especially in a dynamic business landscape.

High-stakes communication is crucial for any leader. We ask Roger to provide an example of a challenging situation he’s helped a client navigate.

I once coached a CEO preparing for a crucial investor meeting amidst company setbacks. We strategised on transparent communication, addressing concerns head-on, and showcasing a clear recovery plan. The result? The CEO not only secured continued investor trust but also gained additional funding, highlighting the power of authentic, strategic communication. Interestingly, storytelling is a crucial skill for all leaders to master.

One of the members’ benefits is learning to lead in a way people genuinely want to follow. We ask Roger about a key principle often overlooked.

A fundamental principle often overlooked is “vulnerability”. Leaders who show authenticity, admit mistakes and seek feedback create an environment of trust. When leaders are genuine, it fosters loyalty, encourages open dialogue and drives teams to rally behind a shared vision.

With Roger’s background in clinical organisational psychology, how does he leverage psychological principles to help leaders overcome challenges?

I integrate principles of clinical organisational psychology to understand underlying motivations, team dynamics, and organisational culture. By addressing these core aspects, I help leaders identify blind spots, enhance interpersonal skills and foster environments where both individuals and teams thrive.  

How has Roger’s experience at Home Grown contributed to his growth as an expert in CEO coaching?

Home Grown Club, with its community of visionary entrepreneurs and leaders, has provided a rich platform for collaboration and learning. Engaging with diverse perspectives has refined my coaching methodologies, ensuring they remain relevant, impactful and aligned with the evolving challenges CEOs face today.

Finally, is there a quote Roger lives by? 

Certainly, a quote that resonates deeply with me is: “Leadership is not about being in charge. It’s about taking care of those in your charge.” This encapsulates my philosophy, emphasising the responsibility and care intrinsic to impactful leadership.

As we wrap up our chat with Roger Jones, the wizard behind the Recognized Authority Formula, it’s time to savour the flavour of CEO coaching with a quirky twist. As we put a bow on this quirk-infused interview, remember that leadership isn’t just about suits and ties; it’s about passion, purpose, and a dash of eccentricity. Roger Jones embodies all this and more. We can’t wait to see you at Home Grown Club’s next signature Meet the Members, where you’ll discover members’ benefits that are worth their weight in gold—up to 5k of golden opportunities just waiting for you to seize.

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