Building Power Partnerships To Accelerate Business Growth

Wednesday, 17th April 2024, 6.00pm

Discover the strategic potential of Power Partnerships in our upcoming interactive session, designed exclusively for coaches and consultants.

A Power Partner is a non-competing professional who targets the same decision-makers as you do, offering a pathway to refer business to one another. This collaborative approach not only broadens your network but also amplifies your market presence.

In this interactive session, you’ll gain insights into:

  • Defining Power Partners: Understand the essence of a Power Partner and the symbiotic relationship that fosters business growth.
  • Selecting the Right Partners: Learn how to identify and approach potential Power Partners.
  • Building Mutually Beneficial Relationships: Discover strategies to nurture these partnerships for long-term success and reciprocal value.
  • Maximising Partnership Potential: Explore how to effectively leverage these alliances to expand your business reach and influence.
  • Avoiding Common Mistakes: Be aware of the pitfalls in forming Power Partnerships and how to navigate them.

Following a short presentation, we’ll discuss how, within our Home Grown community, we might create such power partnerships to grow business.

This session, led by Roger E Jones, a fellow Home Grown member and founder & CEO of the Recognised Authority Formula™, specialises in driving high-value revenue for clients. His insights and methodologies can help guide you to more effectively and elegantly enrol high-value corporate clients and enjoy consistent, growing revenue streams.

6.00pm Arrival
6.15pm Presentation begins promptly
7.15pm Networking
8.00pm Finish