Convergence Partners x The New Health Club 

Wednesday, 17th April 2024, 6.45pm 

Psychedelic companies are all over the media now, defining a new idea around biotech and mental health solutions. Whilst aiming at addressing huge unmet medical needs, what exactly is this new industry around these compounds and substances? And when do they become a case for change in legislation? What are investors looking for in this space? And how does the perspective of a psychedelic founder or scientist look like?

Join us and our brilliant panel of experts in the field to get insights and a glimpse into one of the most exciting industries and markets emerging in the coming years.

Bring your questions and your old narratives about psychedelics, so we can crush them!

Moderator: Anne Philippi

Born in Alsace, based in Berlin, Anne Philippi is a former author & reporter at Vanity Fair, GQ & VOGUE and has also had extensive experience covering the west coast tech world and Silicon Valley.

She discovered psychedelic assisted therapy in 2019 and founded The New Health Club Show podcast and newsletter, created a space where people from the new psychedelic ecosystem and business could talk abut the disruptive power of psychedelics. By 2021 she was part of the 100 most import people in psychedelics and is part of the international, psychedelic ecosystem and industry.

Now The New Health Club is working on introducing psychedelic tools back into society & culture, and creating new narratives, podcasts and products around the new health we need in our world.

Speaker: Pascal Joncour

Pascal is a Partner at the European venture capital firm Convergence Partners currently tackling the poor state of global mental and neurological health by preparing the launch of the Convergence Brain Health Fund. Pascal is a passionate investor and entrepreneur putting people first and mindfulness at the heart of every of his actions. He has a 20+ years track record of creating value by achieving impactful results in venture building, global branding, strategy development and digital transformation initiatives in Global Healthcare, Life Sciences and Digital Therapeutics.

Speaker: Tom McDonald

Tom is Co-founder and CEO at Clerkenwell Health, a company dedicated to accelerating innovative mental health and CNS treatments through clinical trial settings to commercialisation. He has a background in pharmaceutical consulting and digital health and is passionate about creating ways to enhance the patient experience.

Speaker: David Erritzoe, MD

Dr. David Erritzoe is a Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London, specializing in psychedelic research and brain imaging in addiction and depression. Leading the Centre for Psychedelic Research, he applies PET and MRI technologies to study the brain’s dopamine and serotonin systems, with significant work on the therapeutic effects of MDMA, psychedelics, and ketamine. His contributions include over 70 peer-reviewed publications and numerous international presentations, establishing him as a prominent figure in psychiatric research and psychedelic therapy.

Speaker: Grace Blest-Hopley PhD

As the Chief Scientific Officer at NW Pharma Tech, she spearheads clinical trials aimed at understanding and treating psychiatric and neurological disorders. With a robust background in cannabis research, including its composition and effects, Grace is deeply invested in advancing the study of psychotropic substances through clinical and data-driven research. Collaborating with Heroic Hearts, she focuses on uncovering the therapeutic potentials of psychedelics, particularly for alleviating mental health challenges resulting from combat trauma, aligning with the charity’s mission to aid affected individuals.

6:45pm Arrival
7:30pm Panel Event Begins
8:30pm Networking Begins
9:30pm Finish

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