Cereal Entrepreneurs: Strategic Leadership Skills to Future-Proof Your Career & Business

Wednesday, 17th April 2024, 8.00AM

Embark on a transformative journey to elevate your leadership skills and redefine team development standards at our unique session, “Raising the Standards of Global Leadership Skills”.

In an era where companies failing to attract, retain, and engage top talent struggle to serve clients seeking value and understanding, the urgency for effective leadership has never been more evident. Over the past five years, employee engagement scores have plummeted, despite substantial investments in leadership and team development programmes. Global businesses find themselves back where they were a decade ago, and with the impending global talent shortage of 85 million people by 2030, the current leadership development landscape is ringing alarm bells.

Join us for a session that goes beyond the superficial solutions. Companies have mastered solving problems that aren’t the real issues, often mistakenly believing that the investment amount, familiarity, and packaging directly dictate the quality of results. It’s time to challenge this misconception.

Expect to be enlightened with thought-provoking insights and compelling data that will revolutionise your professional outlook. You will:

  • Assess the true effectiveness of existing leadership programmes.
  • Find out the reasons behind the failure of certain strategies to meet their promised outcomes.
  • Explore three crucial yet often underestimated factors that play a pivotal role in team success.
  • Delve into cutting-edge, research-backed approaches that promise to deliver triple the impact compared to outdated models from the past century.

Don’t miss this opportunity to challenge the status quo and elevate your leadership and team development game. Join us and be a part of reshaping the future of leadership excellence.

8.00am Arrival
8.15am Presentation begins
9.15am Breakfast begins
9.30am Finish

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Limited spots available.