Rockstar Series: Founder of Leon Henry Dimbleby in conversation with Alan Smith

Monday 26th June, 6:30pm

Join us at Home Grown Club for our highly anticipated Rockstar Series event, where we bring you some of the best of British business to our stage. This time, we are thrilled to welcome Henry Richard Melville Dimbleby MBE, a renowned British businessman and cookery writer, who has made a significant impact on the culinary world as a co-founder of Leon Restaurants and the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

At this exclusive event, Henry Dimbleby will take the stage in conversation with Alan Smith, founder and CEO of Capital Partners. Henry will share his inspiring journey and insights on his successful ventures in the food industry, including his pioneering work in sustainability and healthy fast-food options through the establishment of Leon Restaurants.

Alan Smith, CEO of Capital Partners: Alan is the founder and CEO of Capital Partners, a boutique wealth advisory firm in London. As a business owner, Alan understands the unique challenges, opportunities and risks of growing a company. He built Capital to help navigate the financial, tax, investment and planning complexities that business owners face as they scale towards a sale and exit – and life on the other side.

Alan also hosts a popular podcast called Bulletproof Entrepreneur, featuring inspiring conversations with world class entrepreneurs to help reverse engineer the formula for success.

This event is open to both Home Grown Club members and non-members.

Tickets are complimentary for members and invite only guests. Members’ guests pay £10 and non-members pay £35. Non-members can purchase their tickets here.