Is Neuroscience the Final Frontier of Leadership Development?

Tuesday 27th June, 8:30am

Would you like to boost brain power, increase your focus and be more productive? Home Grown invites you to a SOFOS Associates breakfast where we will be in conversation about the latest technology and practices to optimise brain function.


Natalia Ramsden, Founder of SOFOS Associates and a pioneer in neuroenhancement, will be exploring how to apply her approach from the clinic to the boardroom to increase individual and business performance. Discussing how business leaders and human capital functions can leverage the latest developments in cognitive research to excel in an ever changing, complex work environment, she invites you to come along and share your thoughts. 


Within her practice Natalia has worked with individuals to enhance cognitive performance through a combination of neuroscience, medtech, functional medicine, nootropics and psychology. Now you’ll have an opportunity to hear about future practices, debate the ethical implications, and explore the impact for individuals and organisations.


Tickets are complimentary. This event is open to both members and non-members. Non-members can purchase their tickets here.