Understanding The Gap and The Gain for Business Growth, with Rebecca Scoular

Thursday, 25th April 2024, 10.30AM

When setting goals in business or life, it’s essential to have a means of measuring progress to gauge whether you’ve achieved your objectives. We’ve discovered two distinct methods for measuring success, and only one leads to increased productivity, team satisfaction, and a positive outlook for all in your business. We refer to this as ‘The Gap and The Gain.’

During the workshop, you’ll gain insights into:

  • How we set and measure goals
  • Understanding the pitfalls of ‘ideals’ and how to shift focus away from them
  • Taking actionable steps by emphasising ‘the gain’ rather than fixating on the gap

As a business owner, imparting this concept to your team members fosters a culture of continual progress, resulting in enhanced productivity, team satisfaction, and a buoyant outlook across your organisation.

Gap & Gain Blog // The high-performing entrepreneurs’ secret to goal-setting
As an entrepreneur in the UK, setting goals is a crucial part of your journey towards success. However, the definition of success can vary greatly from one entrepreneur to another. How fixated are you on achieving those goals? How frequently do you assess them? Are you open to adding new goals or adjusting existing ones? We understand that these questions are all part of the entrepreneurial journey.

Defining success ultimately comes down to how you measure it. Regardless of your goals, what truly matters is whether you perceive that you’ve met them or not. At Strategic Coach, we introduce two primary methods for measuring success in both business and life: “The Gap And The Gain.” Depending on which approach you adopt, you may find yourself either in “The Gap,” where satisfaction with progress remains elusive, or “The Gain,” where progress feels fulfilling and satisfactory.

By embracing this straightforward concept, you can effectively measure success in various aspects of your personal and professional life. Moreover, it has the potential to revolutionize your perspective on success and progress.

When it comes to setting goals, it’s essential to have a means of measuring whether they’ve been achieved. There are two main approaches to this:
– The first method involves measuring progress forward. This entails envisioning an ideal self or business in the future and striving to realize that vision. While aiming for continual progress towards the desired endpoint, it’s important to acknowledge a potential pitfall. When evaluating progress forward, it’s common to feel disheartened if you fall short of your desired goal, even if significant progress has been made. This phenomenon, often referred to as being ‘in The Gap,’ can lead to feelings of demotivation or disappointment.

– The alternative approach is to measure progress backwards. Instead of fixating on the end destination, reflect on where you began and how far you’ve come. This perspective often reveals significant strides of progress, boosting confidence, energy, and satisfaction along the way.

At Strategic Coach, we apply this concept with all the high-performing entrepreneurs we work with. Many have likened it to “flipping a light switch in their brain,” as they shift their focus towards an ongoing journey of achievement rather than dwelling on what they may have missed out on.

If The Gap and The Gain concept resonates with you, we offer free resources that delve deeper into the concept and provide additional materials, including interviews and insights on how to measure success effectively.
The Gap and The Gain Interview
How to measure success
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This is a full workshop with lunch and refreshments provided.

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