The Everything Blueprint Breakfast: The Story behind ARM, the Industry Leading Supplier of Microprocessor Technology

Tuesday 11th July, 8:30am

Join us for the book launch of James Ashton’s The Everything Blueprint, about how the microchip designer ARM grew from the ashes of Acorn Computers to become the UK’s biggest tech success for decades.

Today ARM’s designs are licensed 1000 times per second and used in smartphones, laptops, cars, data centres, household appliances and AI as chips are implanted across everyday life.
How did Arm succeed? How did it forge vital partnerships with Apple and Amazon and beat off competition from Intel? How does the UK create more Arms?

The book also explores the remarkable microchip supply chain that explains much of the current US/China tension over Taiwan.

Its author, James Ashton, is a former City Editor of the Sunday Times and Evening Standard and now runs the Quoted Companies Alliance, an organisation that champions publicly listed growth stocks.
He will be in conversation with Katie Prescott, Technology Business Editor of The Times.

“A gripping and inspiring read.” Sir James Dyson

“A tapestry stretching from the first transistor to ChatGPT.” Sir Michael Moritz

Chosen as one of the FT’s best summer books 2023.

This event is complimentary and includes a light continental breakfast. It is open to members and up to two guests, as well non-members. Non-members book their tickets here.