Technology Supporting the Hospitality Industry

6.30pm, Tuesday 17th January 2023 

What will the next few years of innovation look like in the hospitality industry? With so much innovation and change in the hospitality space, it can be difficult to decide what new software to purchase or where to allocate budget. Although the industry changes rapidly, it’s clear that a few key trends are driving the industry forward.

FETCH a leading hospitality fintech company that enables businesses to operate more efficiently, recognise their staff and improve their customer experience. FETCH products speed up Order & Pay, Checkout, Tipping and Feedback, all offering an easy and smart digital experiences. Products that free up staff time to focus on providing excellent service, turn tables faster, while also increasing their tips, revenue and boosting customer satisfaction.

Martin Alden, Chief Commercial Officer of Fetch Technology Group will be in conversation with Jason Gale, exploring current trends, industry challenges and technology solutions.

This event is complimentary and includes drinks.  The presentation will commence from 7pm.