Looking to kickstart your January in the right manner…

Join EmpowerHER and connect with like-minded individuals who are on a similar path of self-growth and self-empowerment.

Experience Vinyasa Flow with Francesca Ricci followed by a guided Self-love Hypnosis with Alice- Elizabeth and a nourishing brunch to connect with likeminded souls.

Healing, exploration, deep connections and learning daily practices to ignite growth and reclaim your inner freedom.

Meet Francesca Ricci and Alice-Elizabeth.

Francesca is a dedicated and passionate yoga Instructor teaching over years globally. Her Yoga flows are nurturing to the heart and soul.

Alice-Elizabeth’s mission is to help women heal holistically finding their inner guidance, reclaiming their freedom and enhancing their growth. She has dedicated herself to understanding the mind-body connection and her passion is to share these transformative practices with you.

Hypnosis is guiding someone into a relaxed state where positive changes can be made. A safe and natural state allowing a person to be more open and receptive to positive suggestions and imagery.

From 10-1pm including a nourishing brunch

Spaces are £50 and are non-refundable.

Yoga mats, towel and refreshments provided.