Scaling is Hard – the Three Most Common Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them

Tuesday, 18th June 2024, 6.00pm

Scaling is a tricky business – and it means more than just growing.  Too many companies slow down or falter as their organizations fail to keep up with the demands and challenges that rapid growth brings.

In this spirited talk full of real-life examples, Rob Bier will lay out the most common reasons companies struggle to scale, offering a clear diagnosis of what goes wrong at different stages and why.  He’ll then set out his proprietary ‘Smooth Scaling’ model that will give you key insights into how to scale your organization without friction.  If you are a leader in a high-growth company, you’ll definitely want to attend this talk so you understand what challenges lie ahead and how you can anticipate and avoid them.

Rob was a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist prior to becoming an expert advisor on scaling. He has worked with over 40 companies, including 8 that became unicorns or decacorns during the time he worked with them. He is on the Board of and is a co-founder and Chairman of MoneySmart.  Prior to becoming an entrepreneur he was an operating partner at TowerBrook Capital and a senior partner at Monitor Group, the strategy firm.

He will be available immediately after the event to answer questions and sign copies of his book.

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