Proven Strategies of High Performing Companies

Tuesday, 11th June 2024, 6.30pm 

In this talk, one of UK’s top authorities of business strategies Deri Llewellyn-Davies, shares his experience from advising over 300 boards and helping hundreds of companies outperform their competitors.

He has distilled the essence of a successful strategy down to just one page and help you make the complex simple and actionable.

Deri delivers this talk in a highly engaging way and shares a simple system for how to find the strategy that’s going to give your company a competitive edge and invigorate your whole organization.


  • The Growth strategies of extreme performance companies.
  • How to find your strategic advantage
  • How to make your strategy so simple it can fit on one page.
  • How to get the whole organization to understand and buy into your strategy.
  • Counter intuitive insights from advising over 300 boards.

Attendees will leave with a solid understanding of how to simplify a business strategy so the whole organization can understand, but more importantly buy into it and act on it.

Attendees will leave with actionable tools and insights that will set them apart from the competition. They will get clear instructions and simple steps they can implement in their life and business immediately.

This event is held in collaboration with We are Like Minds

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