Masters of Scale: Owning Challenging Conversations in the Boardroom

Wednesday 29th March, 5pm

Join us for a riveting event exploring the art of owning challenging conversations in the boardroom with Amy Tez. This event is designed for executives, entrepreneurs, and board members who want to learn how to navigate difficult discussions with poise and grace.

Amy will share her insights and experiences on how to tackle contentious topics in the boardroom, from managing conflict to delivering tough feedback. Through lively discussion and a Q&A, you’ll gain practical tools and strategies to help you confidently navigate high-stakes conversations.

At the event you’ll learn how to:

• Enter a difficult scenario and stay psychologically strong
• Stay calm and non reactive under pressure
• Use triggers to your advantage
• Overcome power imbalances
• Push back with skill and grace
• Resolve disagreements without compromising what’s right for the business

Amy Tez has built a solid reputation for leading transformation for Fortune 50 companies, established CEO’s, 100s of start-up founders and politicians. She has over 20 years of professional acting, performance and teaching experience. And since 2015, has helped some of the most successful global companies stay market leaders. Amy’s methodology is innovative and sharp. She will see what others cannot – and help you turn blind spots into strengths.

5pm  Arrival & prompt start to workshop

6:30 Networking

7:30pm Finish

Spaces are £10 to include a welcome drink.

Tickets are non refundable.

This event is for members only and up to 1 guest