Masters of Scale: How to Amplify your Voice, Refine your Pitch & Win

Wednesday, 4th September 2024, 6.30pm 

You know this pattern all too well. You’ve put time and energy into securing a potentially lucrative lead, you’ve perfected your presentation deck, and the moment has arrived to step into the boardroom and onto your personal stage, to deliver what should be a phenomenal pitch.

Then it happens. The confidence and colour from your face drain away. The energy in the room feels hostile, your audience seems bored and uninspired. Why are they not laughing at your jokes? Your mind is already racing ahead to possible objections and challenges all whilst the annoying clock tick tocks away at your soul.

You know you should win but your pitch and all hope is lost.

Obstacles occur in every entrepreneurial journey, but they are not the only way. I train entrepreneurs like you to understand key tactical advantages that will give you a competitive edge and authority so you can attract, engage and convert intrigued audiences from the moment you walk through the door; all whilst feeling great within yourself.

Who is Sylvia Cohen? 
Sylvia Cohen - Owner - Sylvia Cohen Communication | LinkedIn

More than the UK’s leading voice and body language expert or media trainer, I am on a mission to help amplify your voice and give clarity to your message so you can get on with the business of business. Leveraging more than a decade of experience, I work with high net individuals who are on the precipice of something extraordinary, so I understand the pressures to deliver you are under.

In these situations, the stakes are high and everyone must win or no one wins.

How does Sylvia help you?

Through my work with industry leaders, high profile creatives and those in Music, Fashion and the Arts; I have created a razor-sharp diagnostic stage followed by a highly developed 5 step process. Whilst many ignore the unconscious subtleties and nuances that make us unique, I lean into these and turn your shadows into your strengths.

I was classically trained in voice by Patsy Rodenburg. My approach brings together these technical skills as well as the ancient knowledge of body, breath, voice, mind and energy. I am able to take you out of your darkest moments and into the spotlight so you can be your fully authentic brilliant business self.

Nail your nerves forever.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Overcome anxiety and the dreaded imposter syndrome so you can be free to create connection and authority from the moment you walk into the room.
  • Remain calm and speak clearly even in the most high pressured environments, no matter who the audience is.
  • Use your voice to attract, engage, influence and convert a pitch to a win.

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