Join the Rocket Ride to Success: Celebrating the Launch of The Momentum Mindset with Vicki Main and Jonathan Bean

Tuesday 23rd May, 6:30pm

Vicki Main and Jonathan S Bean present their ground-breaking new book The Momentum Mindset: How to Overcome Your Inertia and Achieve an Incredible Life.

The book offers practical tools, strategies, and insights to help anyone, regardless of their circumstances, cultivate a winning mindset and take bold steps towards a more fulfilling life.

With expert guidance, readers can break free from limiting beliefs, fears, and self-doubt and tap into their intrinsic motivators to build momentum and take inspired action towards living a purpose-driven life.

Join us for a in person for our launch event in May and discover how to break free from inertia and create unstoppable momentum towards the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Vicki is an entrepreneur, qualified lecturer, Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® (EMP) Master Trainer, and business coach with over 20 years experience.

Jonathan is a successful charity fundraiser, entrepreneur, writer, VLM trainer and multiple marathon runner.

In The Momentum Mindset, Vicki and Jonathan draw on their own skills and accomplishments – as well as those of business owners, academics, and thought leaders – to help readers overcome the inertia that holds them back from achieving their dreams.

Tickets are complimentary and include a welcome drink.

Spaces are limited, so book your ticket soon. This event is only open to members and up to one guest.