Demystifying Fractionalisation and Alternative Investments

Join us for our first Investor Series of 2024 where we’ll be delving into the world of fractionalisation and shared ownership.

Fractionalisation refers to the division of a large asset into smaller portions, allowing investors to own a fraction of the asset instead of the entire item. This investment strategy can empower individuals to not only invest in high-value assets but also diversify their investments.

We’ll be speaking to both entrepreneurs and investors to understand more about the opportunities and challenges they face, and to uncover the potential for wealth building in this space.

Join us to explore:

  1. How fractionalisation breaks down barriers
  2. Firsthand experiences of building shared ownership models
  3. Challenges and solutions from industry experts
  4. How to diversify your portfolio with fractional ownership
  5. Understand the potential for starting a business in the fractionalisation space


Francesca Smith
Francesca ‘Frankie’ Smith is a Strategic Financial Planner at Jarrovian Wealth, which specialises in working with entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals with business and personal financial planning. Frankie’s role helps people validate their thinking or gives a different perspective to consider.

Frankie is an advocate for Women in Finance and passionate about encouraging more women to be confident about manging their personal financial affairs. Frankie co-founded the Allbright Investment Club providing financial education to female entrepreneurs and professionals and has now launched Frankie’s, her own dedicated network.


Tony Pearce
Tony is a serial entrepreneur and games pioneer and has been involved in gaming, tech and mobile for over 25 years. In early 2017 he co-founded Reality+ which is now one of Europe’s fastest-growing Web3 companies and has a proven track record with the strongest brands in the world including the BBC, ITV Studios and FIFA football, creating blockchain games, multi-chain NFT experiences and metaverse applications.

Previously Tony was the CEO and Co-Founder of mobile games company Player X and spearheaded the company from a two person start-up in 2004 and developed it into Europe’s largest mobile games distributor. The company was named by Library House as the fourth fastest growing VC backed company in the UK before it was acquired. Tony is also the co-founder of an executive networking event called the Centurions which is aimed at the digital entertainment industry and takes place every three months in London along with events in New York, Istanbul, Berlin and Munich


Cynthia Morrow
Cynthia has spent her career creating innovative solutions and transforming underperforming organizations. As a serial entrepreneur, she started her own management consultancy, Performance by Design, which she later merged with another boutique consultancy. During her time there she started and scaled the European Division. She also became a founder member of the Haas@Work team, the flagship program of UC Berkeley-Haas Business School’s Innovation Creativity and Design Practice, focused on customer-centred and design-thinking based approaches to applied innovation.

This experience led to her next venture in the circular economy space, when she founded Covett, a luxury brand that revolutionised the fine jewellery industry with our ground-breaking co-ownership and subscription-based models. Most recently she has partnered with another circular economy pioneer to bring forth an even bigger vision and has co-founded More Luxury Club, a luxury marketplace that delivers the value proposition of More to luxury consumers. Enabling them to co-own the luxury goods they covet at a fraction of the cost and with far less impact to our planet. Cynthia holds a dual MBA from Columbia and UC Berkeley – Haas Business Schools with Honours.

Cassie Georgouras
Cassie is a serial entrepreneur with 15 years’ experience in growing communities. In 2017 Cassie turned her hand to the fitness industry, and in 2017 built the largest F45 functional fitness studio in London. The success of this business is predicated on the strength of its community.

Cassie has since co-founded a community of classic car enthusiasts around an investment platform called Pistondao. Born from her family association with the pre-eminent Ferrari collector in Australia she and her co-founder are using fractionalisation technology to turn the way that classic cars are traditionally owned and appreciated on its head. Pistondao is democratising access to both an asset class and a tradition that are becoming increasingly out of reach. Members of the community will have access to experience that are otherwise unobtainable, as well as being able to invest in one of the highest performing alternate asset classes, via the cars of their dreams.


David A. Pleasance
David is the Founder and Chairman of ACG Ventures – a venture business focused on investing in and transforming emerging businesses to compete in the digital economy. In addition, for several years he has served on the Board of the TM Forum, an innovative global digital industry body with roughly 800 members representing most of the leading companies in the telecommunications and digital service provider sectors, and recently completed a term as Chairman.

Prior to founding ACG Ventures, David was a senior consulting partner at Deloitte for many years where he oversaw the client relationships of a number of the firm’s global key accounts. He has over 30 years of experience applying innovative value creation approaches across numerous industries including financial services, telecom, life science, health care & biotech, industrial & process manufacturing, and energy.


Whether you’re an investor, entrepreneur, or simply curious about the evolving landscape of shared ownership, this event promises to broaden your perspectives!

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