How are Businesses Harnessing Artificial Intelligence?(Virtual)

Tuesday 18th October 10:00 am



We’re partnering with Moore Barlow to look at how businesses are utilising artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to improve businesses processes and increase productivity.


Artificial intelligence. The buzzphrase and darling of the tech sector. But are businesses using its full potential? Is there more that they should be doing to optimise their business with AI?

We’ve partnered with legal experts Moore Barlow for a very special look into business’ relationship with this groundbreaking tech. The panel will be a mix of business leaders, academics and AI experts who will discuss the following:


  • How is AI technology being developed
  • What are the risks of bias when developing AI technology
  • How is AI being commercialised by companies
  • Examples of companies that have implemented the technology successfully
  • How does AI work in the context of ownership rights
  • How is this technology helping to solve business critical issues
  • Legal issues around developing and commercialising AI

Who’s on the panel?


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