Home Grown x Victoria: Web3 and Beyond Panel Discussion

Monday, 9th May 7:00pm


The evening will begin with a discussion exploring what Web3 is, how it’s changing the internet, and whether it will change how startups achieve success. Featuring our carefully curated team of renowned entrepreneurs, each with invaluable experience in the world of Web3, they will disucss the capabilities of blockchain technology and how best to approach NFTs.

We are elated to confirm Nicholas Gregory, CEO of Commerce Block, Kirill Tashilov, Principal at Talis Capital, Zoe Davis, NFT collector and Web3 educator, Serhat Aydogdu, Investor at D4 Ventures, and Vicky Cheng, Founder of Victoria the app, as our panellists. The discussion will be hosted by Chengxi Wang, CEO and Co-founder of Miiji, a London-based metaverse startup, who also has a background in Fintech and 3D printing.


Once the discussion has ended, members will be invited upstairs to continue networking and engage in thought-provoking conversations with both the speakers and other Victoria members. Join the conversation, mingle with like-minded people and create meaningful connections within our community


Speakers for the night:

HOST Chengxi Wang Chengxi is CEO and co-founder of Miiji, a London-based metaverse startup that creates “instant teleportation” by allowing everyone to be in the same immersive 3D virtual space, no matter where they are physically.

Kirill Tashilov Kirill is Principal at Talis Capital, a London-based venture capital firm that focuses on investments at seed and series A. Prior to Talis, Kirill co-founded a content marketing startup and worked at UBS in Hong Kong focusing on APAC Equities.

Zoë Davis Zoe is an award-winning documentary editor with 20 years experience, working on films for Netflix, BBC, Channel 4, CNN, Al Jazeera and National Geographic. She is also an NFT collector, curator and educator in the Web3 space.

Nicholas Gregory Nicholas is the Founder & CEO of Commerce Block, an infrastructure company that provides a suite of tools for traditional asset markets to leverage the highly flexible and powerful qualities of blockchain-based digital asset protocols.

Vicky Cheng  As the Founder of Victoria, Vicky is on a mission to create something truly unique by connecting a like-minded community via curated experiences.

Serhat Aydogdu Serhat is a technology investor fascinated with decentralized finance in its quest to bringing humans right to the centre of finance, with AI / ML due to its power in augmenting human capabilities, and finally with digital commerce as a platform to serve how we consume things in our daily lives.


Tickets for this event are complimentary, non members email membersevents@homegrownclub.co.uk to book your space.