Hire Slow, Fire Fast: Mastering the Art of Strategic Hiring and Swift Resolutions with SFC Capital

Wednesday 19th July, 6pm

Join us for an exclusive event as we delve into the crucial topic of strategic hiring and efficient resolutions with SFC Capital. Discover the secrets to successful recruitment processes and learn how to navigate the complex world of hiring with finesse and confidence.

During this event, you will gain invaluable knowledge and practical tips on how to make strategic hiring decisions that will positively impact your company’s growth trajectory. We’ll explore the importance of taking a meticulous approach to hiring, ensuring a perfect fit for your team, and avoiding costly mistakes in the long run.

The panel will be led by James Dale, Director at ‘Your Talent Solutions’, and so far the confirmed panellists are:

6pm – Arrival
6:30pm – Kickoff

Limited seats are available for this event, so secure your spot now.

Tickets are complimentary and include a welcome drink and canapes. Open to members and up to one guest. Non-members and guests of partner book here.