Food for Thought. Using your Brand to Accelerate Growth:

How to apply lessons learned from the elite environment of Formula One and Premiership football. 

Thursday 22nd September 6:30pm



The monthly dinner and breakfast series will enable you to understand how to implement lessons and skills used in elite environments into your own businesses.

Put simply:  Each month a member will share their expertise and knowledge, as well as a bit about their entrepreneurial journey, over dinner, an informal presentation, and Q&A.


Join Brand Cornac for a dinner at Home Grown where we will be exploring how the practices used in elite sport and the lessons they’ve learned can be applied to the entrepreneur community, focusing on brand, marketing and sales.

Bastien Hibon and Richard Berry come from a background of working in the marketing and commercial side of elite level sport (Mercedes F1, Man City FC, Ironman, Premier League). They believe there are many similarities between elite sports teams and small founder led organisations and they now work with early to mid stage start ups (and sports organisations), to help develop their brands by applying the principles they learned in this environment.


As a basis for the evening we’ll cover the story of Brawn GP.

  • How, in the space of 10 months, we went from almost going out of business to winning the F1 World Championship.
  • How we built an iconic brand and successful commercial operation from scratch to compete against some of the world’s top brands – Ferrari, BMW, Toyota, Red Bull, McLaren.
  • How the practices used to be successful in elite sport can be adapted to brand building and commercial disciplines.
  • How one of the best and most successful leaders in sport works and how these methods can be applied to brand building and commercial activity.


We will also include lessons and examples from Mercedes F1, Premiership football and Ironman.  In addition, we’ll also cover the importance of, and approach to, storytelling and mythology – how they’ve been used to build sports brands (including the ones we’ve worked for) and how they can be adapted successfully by any business, of any size.


The evening will unfold as follows:

6.30pm   arrival welcome drink  welcome from Home Grown

6.45 – sit down –  intros from guests and intro from Brand Cormac

7.15pm starters served

7.40pm presentation from  Brand Cormac – I think in this instance an on screen presentation makes sense

8pm mains served

8.30pm – presentation continued

8.50pm deserts Q&A and coffee followed by drinks at the Unicorn Bar



Let’s raise a glass to sharing our knowledge throughout the Home Grown Community. 

Spaces strictly limited to two tickets per member, must be purchased in advance and are non refundable within 48 hours of the event.

Tickets are £45 pp

Please book your space by emailing and we will be in touch to confirm your space and ticket.

If you would like to host a dinner or breakfast in the future:  please get in touch at

Lost time is lost knowledge please avoid being late