Exit Thru The Gift Shop in partnership with SFC Capital

6pm, Tuesday 7th February 2023

“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”

The old adage is true. If or when the day comes to sell your business, it’s better not to leave anything on the table. The opportunities to sell your business for the best price are there and you’ll want to seize them.

SFC Capital, the UK’s most active Seed Investment Fund and network of Business Angels, would like to invite you to its panel and Q&A discussing how to be exit-ready, why it matters, and why you can never start preparing too soon.

The insightful pane will be followed by networking with other SFC portfolio companies while enjoying food and drinks.

The panel will feature:

  • Sadra Hosseini, CEO of Ryft, 3-time founder and entrepreneur. He successfully raised multiple times and is on a mission to build a unicorn.
  • Alister Esam, Investor, CEO and Author. He bootstrapped his fintech software business eShare to international status operating in over 40 countries and servicing 20,000 board directors, before successfully exiting to a multibillion-dollar organisation in 2018. He is also an investor in over 20 start-ups, runs his own new start-up beSlick.com and is author of The Dirty Word.
  • Mary Tierney, Corporate Finance and Tax Specialist, Bennett Brooks, with over 20 years of experience advising business founders on how to structure their exit to minimise leakage and maximise value.
  • Craig Massey, the Founder and CEO of Block Dojo, a Blockchain Business incubator and the founder of 8 start-ups, 5 of which were B2B SaaS platform companies which Craig successfully exited.
  • Henry Whorwood, the Head of Research and Consultancy at Beauhurst, the UK’s premier data platform for discovering high-growth companies, from early-stage startups to unicorns. Henry is passionate about early-stage business finance and high-growth companies, having worked with clients including the British Business Bank, Syndicate Room, Innovate UK and HM Treasury

Latecomers will be subjected to the pain of socialisation!

This event is complimentary and one drink is included.

Panel begins at 6:00pm, followed by networking with food and drinks.