We all know that Artificial Intelligence is coming. In fact, it’s already landed in many organizations.

But what many leaders don’t know is how they and their teams can thrive in this new age.

Join noted tech entrepreneur and psychologist R. Michael Anderson as he briefs leaders on the sweeping changes they must be prepared for.

He’ll also share the vital shifts leaders must make to exploit this workplace revolution – starting today.

Attendees of this session will discover:

  • The unprecedented challenges AI is bringing to teams right now – and how to always stay one step ahead… even when faced with near continuous change
  • Why team culture matters now more than ever – plus how to create a dynamic culture that keeps your team at the forefront of the AI revolution.  (Most organizations are putting culture at the bottom of their priority list.  Michael will disclose why this could cost those companies millions)
  • How today’s favoured leadership approaches could harm your company in this new age…and the simple mindset shifts you must implement right now to stay ahead of the curve

Arm yourself with essential knowledge which will empower you to come out on top of this huge new paradigm shift.

Be prepared to engage in an interactive discussion on how AI shapes leadership in the new world.

Members can bring one guest.

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