Early-Stage Investment Summit with  UKBAA  CMS, London

CMS, Cannon Place, 78 Cannon St, London EC4N 6AF

We are delighted to partner with UKBAA for the Early-Stage Investment Summit.

The two-part event taking place on the 1st December in Manchester and 8th December in London, will focus on emerging trends shaping seed stage investment in both the northern and southern regions.

The UK has seen rapid change in 2022 with large world events changing the way we all do business. With our government in place it is time to look at our priorities for the year ahead to ensure that investment at the seed level is maximised. The day promises to help refresh the direction of how the UK’s early-stage investment community will approach investment over the coming 12 months and what key factors are likely to influence this.

Tickets are normally £100 + VAT  but are complimentary for Home Grown members.

This is a full day event  at CMS London. Full agenda here 

Please register for your ticket by emailing membersevents@homegrownclub.co.uk