Crocodile Lair: Pitch for Business in partnership with SFC Capital

Wednesday 6th July 6:30pm


SFC Capital, the UK’s most active Seed Investment Fund and network of Business Angels, would like to invite you to its next online Crocodile Lair: Pitch for Business organised in collaboration with Home Grown.

Who has got the breakthrough idea? From space missions to cyber security, the start-ups presenting at our popular monthly pitching event are offering ground-breaking solutions! The series is hosted by Stephen Page, Founder of the award-winning Angel Network and Seed Investment Fund, SFC Capital.  Past start up success stories include Onfido, CircaGene, Algocyte, Spintex, Dragonfly and B2Space

Pitch for Business 

Building a business is tough work and sometimes you need a bit of extra support from outside your team. This is why we wanted to create a space within our events where founders could reach out to their peers for help and gain valuable feedback.

Here are some ideas of things you could ask from other founders:
– Become our alpha/beta testers.

– Try our product and leave a review.

– Let’s help each other reach out to distributors.

– Let’s collaborate on a project.

– Let’s do cross-marketing/cross-selling.

– Let’s follow and support each other on social media.

– Looking for businesses that already tried “this/that.”


Presentation agenda

    • Introduction from SFC Capital and an industry expect –
    • 10 min Q&A on the theme of the evening;
    • 1 min each for the entrepreneurs pitching
    • Networking – drinks and canapes reception


Arrival from 6:30pm  in the Montagu Room

6:30-7:30pm: Pitches  1 minute each (not for funding but to share your business’ concept and gain feedback) & Q&A**

7:30pm onwards:  Networking

Register for your space by booking now or  emailing 

Punctuality is the soul of business, respect your fellow members and please come on time

**Please note that ‘Pitch for Business’ is not a pitch for funding nor a way for companies to promote/advertise their services/products to others. This is meant to be a genuine ask for support and/or collaboration. More information can be found in the event description below.

Are you ready to pitch your business and gain valuable feedback, ask for recommendations, and gain a product review? Pitch your business and gain feedback from the experts. Home Grown members have the opportunity for a space to pitch – to register your interest to carry out your pitch get in touch with and we will pass on your application  / pitch deck accordingly. 

Please note that these pitches are not meant to be a promotion/advertisement of your business, but rather a genuine ask for support and/or collaboration. 

Who can ‘Pitch for Business’? 
– Only businesses that are still in early stages or early scale-up – i.e. raised max. Series A (£1M round), turning over up to £1M. 

 How can I request a spot to pitch? 
– Entrepreneurs who wish to present should email and confirm business stage, what the business is about and the ask they will make. Please note that pitching spots are assigned on a first come, first served basis. 


How should my pitch be structured? 
– The pitch should last a maximum of 5 minutes and must have a clear objective and call to action (that is not ‘buy/invest in my product’). 

– During the pitch, you should: 

    – Present yourself – say who you are and why you are at this event. 

    – Present your business – its product/service and target market. 

    – Say what you would like to get from the audience – select just one single thing (you can use the list of suggestions above) 

    – Say what you can offer in exchange (if anything). 

    – Let your fellow entrepreneurs know how to contact you. 

 What happens if I have been confirmed to pitch but do not turn up to the event? 
– If for any reason a presenter has been confirmed but does not turn up and does not notify the organisers with sufficient time to find a replacement, they will not be allowed to present in the future.