Cereal Entrepreneurs: The Hidden Secrets of a Stress-free and More Successful Life

Wednesday 25th October, 8:30am

Join us for an insightful talk over breakfast, in which Jowita Penkala will delve into the root cause of stress and how it impacts our chances for more success.

Jowita will reveal proven strategies on what to do to eliminate most stress from our lives, allowing us to perform at our best and achieve our goals with ease. We will also learn what to do to accelerate the achievement of your big goals without sabotaging your health.

This event is perfect for entrepreneurs and professionals who are looking to unlock their full potential by reducing stress levels and optimizing their performance.

Arrival from 8am

Breakfast,  presentation and Q&A from 8:30

9:30am finish

Jowita Penkala is a Mind Mastery Specialist. By the age of 10, Jowita had had three major surgeries. Since those formative years, she has been studying the human mind for more than three decades, and its direct impact on our behaviour, performance and consequently the results we deliver to ourselves in every aspect of our lives. After more than 25 years of studying the human mind, Jowita has developed unique, transformational training programmes and has been working with AMBITIOUS individuals and businesses to help them:
• Eliminate stress from their lives so that they can regain peace of mind,
• Make quantum leaps towards their BIG dream goals,
• accelerate business growth

Her clients report phenomenal results.

Her mission is to help ambitious individuals and businesses achieve ‘the impossible’.
Transforming people’s lives, so that they are able to enjoy a quality of life never previously experienced, where piece of mind, more success and true happiness are abundantly present, is her raison d’etre!


Tickets are £10 for both members and up to one guest and non members and include a continental breakfast. Non-members’ tickets can be purchased here.