Cereal Entrepreneurs – State of Mind: The Final Undiscovered Competitive Advantage in Business

Wednesday 17th May, 8:30am

In this breakfast briefing, transformative coach Thomas Woodland is going to clear up some fundamental and widespread misunderstandings about the human State of Mind and how it works. These simple misunderstandings are the source of wall-to-wall inefficiency in business and a great deal of unnecessary suffering across all areas of life.

By simply understanding the true “Living Mechanics” of the human mind, investors, leaders, and organisations rapidly unlock confidence, clarity, creativity, collaboration, and cultural change that defy common logic. In turn this liberates individuals and teams to create abundant wealth, achieve quantum leaps in results, and build inspiring legacies that thrill and excite.

As the Living Mechanics of the human mind are something that the investment and business worlds have no clear and consistent knowledge of, Thomas calls this understanding “State of Mind: The Final Undiscovered Competitive Advantage in Business.”

During this talk you’ll come to see that “State of Mind” is the true power behind the throne. It is the hidden horsepower that drives investment and business performance. This is because it is the ONE competitive advantage that enables and powers ALL OTHER “discovered” competitive advantages that are currently being employed across the investment and business worlds.

Thomas Woodland is a transformative coach working with elite investors and visionary founders. His clients achieve quantum leaps in performance and results at the same time as maximising their levels of energy, enjoyment, efficiency, and freedom. Prior to founding his business, Thomas completed an MBA at London Business School and delivered Private Equity deals for over a decade.

Tickets are complimentary and include a continental breakfast.

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