Cereal Entrepreneurs: Peak Performance – How to Perform at the Top of your Game

Wednesday, 3rd July 2024, 8.00am 

10X Your Brain, Body and Business.

You want it all.

You’re already a high performer. You are at the top of your game. You’re already successful and that’s why you’re at Home Grown.

But you want MORE.

You know you deserve it…but can you have it?

The idea of putting in 100% MORE effort to go to the next level isn’t going to work because – let’s face it – none of us are getting any younger and the tank is feeling a little empty.

I want to show you how EASY this is.

So what if I told you, you don’t need to operate on 100%?

In this fun workshop, Martin Young will show you how improving by a tiny 4% you can maximise a 10x result without burnout.

You’ll discover why it’s vital that Executives and Business owners need to make their Health their Number 1 priority.

And why it’s ‘tectonic plate’ that underpins everything you do in your life.

You’ll walk away with Martin’s unique 3 step Peak Performance Strategy.

This gives you the three key pillars they need to have in place to be able to develop your own roadmap to achieving Peak Performance.

And when you attend live, you’ll receive the gift of the Top 5 Peak Performance Mistakes Made by HIgh Achievers – so you know what to look out for.

Grab your Coffee, get energised because we’re going to take your Brain, Body and Business to the next level.

8.00am Arrival
8.15am Presentation begins
9.15am Breakfast begins
9.30am Finish
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