Business Dads Brunch

Friday 20th October, 12-2pm

Join us for a unique gathering tailored specifically for entrepreneurial dads. Surround yourself with a vibrant community of like-minded fathers who are passionately building their businesses while navigating the joys and challenges of fatherhood. This event provides the perfect platform to connect with fellow dads who share similar aspirations and understand the unique demands of balancing family life and professional success.

We understand that stress management plays a crucial role in both being a great dad and a successful business leader. That’s why we have arranged an insightful discussion led by Lee Eldridge, a highly experienced Human Performance Coach. Lee has spent the last two decades working in high performance (both professional sports and business). He will guide you through strategies and techniques to better understand and manage stress, equipping you with invaluable tools to thrive in both your personal and professional life.

Please note that attendance is limited to maintain an intimate and engaging atmosphere, so be sure to secure your spot promptly.

The registration fee of £25. Book your tickets here.