Attracting high-value clients by becoming the recognised authority in your market


6.30pm, Tuesday 28th February 2023


If you are an independent consultant, expert, coach, professional service provider, or thinking of becoming one, this session is for you.


Many professionals set out with high hopes of creating a thriving expertise-based business, but they struggle. They find their market is highly competitive, they are often seen as a commodity provider, and they find it difficult to generate assignments. As a result, frustration sets in. Often, they focus too much on developing their expertise rather than on adopting the capabilities required to have a successful B2B expertise-based business.

This session will help you reverse these challenges and create the business you want and deserve in 2023.

1. How to become the recognised authority and become the obvious choice. Exploring:

– The main challenges solo consultants face
– A 9-step system to make your competition irrelevant, become known as the value creator in your market and attract clients based on your reputation.
2. Summary of key learnings
3. Q&A Forum


Roger Jones started his career as a geologist working mainly in Africa and then had a successful corporate career in the energy, finance, and technology sectors and then made the transition to become a solo management consultant. In his consulting role, he generated assignments at CEO level in fast-growth entrepreneurial firms through to global multinationals. He became an HBR and INSEAD Knowledge contributor and best-selling author.

Today Roger, who has conducted business in over 40 countries,  helps experts make their competition irrelevant, attract clients based on their reputation and transform their earnings by becoming the recognized authority in their market.

This event is complimentary.


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