Arrest the #1 Threat to Scaling your Business

Thursday, 27th June 2024, 6.30pm

Have you identified the biggest potential risk to scaling your business?

This number one threat has the potential to not only distract from, but decimate your growth plans.

A shocking 9/10 businesses are not putting in place the systems and procedures to mitigate this risk.

Those founders who see, understand and act to protect their growth in 2024 are best placed to achieve their 20m+ revenue goals.

Join your four founder hosts, in a room exclusively for founders to reveal the number one threat to your growth – and what the opportunity is to overcome it in 2024.

CEO and Founder | Caxton

Rupert Lee-Browne is the founder and CEO of Caxton, of whom began its entrepreneurial journey in rather humble beginnings – a tiny office, to be precise, with a telephone to keep Rupert company. That was over 21 years ago, following an extensive career in media – working with broadcasters, publishers, and internet start-ups. Today, he’s a regular speaker and media commentator on fintech payments. And as CEO, he leads Caxton’s strategy of digital innovation to drive payments – ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of our industry.

Co Founder & COO | Acumen

Kevin’s cyber security career spans many roles in significant organisations. As a lead engineer in the RAF’s Deployable Cyber Security team, he provided support to airfields across the Globe. At Cisco, he supported clients including the UK government, Ministry of Defence, Société Général, BT and Rolls-Royce. He was also the lead in-country security architect on the Qatari government cyber security framework for the 2022 football World Cup. Subsequently he provided strategic security support to blue-chip organisations, most recently leading Silver Cloud and now Acumen as Co Founder and Chief Operating Officer.

Co CEO & Founder | Form 1

Form1 was founded by Matt Bunn and John Downes. With extensive experience in negotiating and closing sales, they have collectively delivered over £2.8billion in enterprise business, as well as driven M&A, joint venture, and corporate finance activity in large corporations. Matt has also served as director on boards at a dozen tech scale-ups, has multiple successful fund raises and two exits under his belt. He has worked across a number of verticalsand has a strong network in innovation and venture capital.

Owner | One Weath Ltd

Matt works with business owners to ensure they are effectively planning their own financial journey, and are ensuring their journey is as smooth as possible to long term financial stability. His approach is Highly personalised, face-to-face Wealth Management advice to individuals, families, trustees and businesses. He prides himself on helping clients manage their wealth in a way that reflects their personal circumstances, both now and in the future.


As CEO of What If Innovation I led the sale of the business to Accenture together with my Chief Growth Officer Sophie Long. In the 2 years leading up to the sale, Sophie and I doubled the investment value of the business by focussing on four key levers – the talent engine , client prioritisation, driving price and buffing the P&L. It was a huge lesson in how to get an investor to open their wallet.

Sophie and I then moved around the acquisition table and became buyers – so we saw the process from the other lens. I honestly believe if we had done it the other way around we could have added a further 50% onto what was already a good price. With all this learning and after completing the earn out , we set up 2ndStage with the objective of helping other investment hungry firms take advantage of what we had learned as both sellers and as buyers.

Our target is companies with a 2-3 year journey in mind, ready to make the necessary organisational changes to grow value rapidly. If you are one of those we can really help you.

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