Book Launch: The Consumer Behaviour Book by Anthony ‘Tas’ Tasgal

Monday, 24th June 2024, 6.30pm 

Anthony "Tas" Tasgal

Tas is a Home Grown Brand Ambassador, TEDx speaker, trainer and strategist, and this is the launch of his sixth book

Too much of the business world – especially sales, marketing, comms and research – has been moored to an outdated model of human behaviour: one rooted in the primacy of rationality, conscious control and individual decision-making.

It is time for an upheaval in how we understand and address behaviour change: to rid ourselves of outmoded ideas and work with the brain, rather than against it.

The Consumer Behaviour Book is an entertaining and provocative guide to understanding and applying some of the key concepts of Behavioural Economics to your marketing, brand and communications, from understanding System 1 and System 2, the need for conformity and the creative power of reframing.

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